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Jinn/demons in my dreams

Posted: 27 Jan 2012, 15:11
by Islamicelt
Hey everyone. I dont know if this is the right place to put this thread, but it felt like the best fit. Sorry if its in the wrong spot.

Ive asked my own religious group for advice but I also wanted to ask you all because, while the theories behind them are still very similar, you offer other explanations that I can agree with, plus when I practiced paganism, I remember dealing with the supernatural world head on. I feel very comfortable in asking other people who are familiar with the supernatural and the fact that there are other dimensions to our world and other beings in it. Sorry for the confusing Islamic terms in the post, but it is sort of essential to my question. Ive done my best to define them.

For the past 3 nights I have had 3 nightmares in a row about a jinn (a good or evil "spirit" that lives in another dimension) or demon (a specifically evil jinn) in my bedroom/house. My house has a very safe atmosphere and while I do believe there is some jinn activity that sometimes goes on (my house is over 100 years old), its not threatening or dangerous at all. Just more like a "presence" that is felt sometimes and sometimes things move (like we will hear dishes getting moved sometimes).

Anyway, the first night I had an EXTREMELY vivid dream that I was having a nightmare, woke up (in the dream) and left my bed. When I got to the bedroom door, I suddenly was being held back and pulled back into my bedroom. I started screaming for my mom but my voice was slowly being pulled away from me. I began reciting al fatiha (a chapter in the Qur'an) but nothing happened. I woke up then and realized I had been dreaming but this really scared me that while reciting al fatiha, I was still being attacked. It made me feel like God wouldnt protect me in case of any kind of supernatural attack. This has sort of been bothering my mind ever since which might be the reason why I am having these dreams.

I talked with a friend about this and he said that I should recite al ikhlas, an nas, ayat al kursi, etc. (books in the Qur'an that were revealed to the Prophet when he was being attacked supernaturally) when something like that happens. So the next night, I had a dream that there was a demon in my house. I went looking for him in the basement and in the attic and as I was going into the basement, I recited al ikhlas and suddenly the demon emerged but, instead of being supernatural, he was a human burglar instead and I ended up attacking him myself until he wasnt able to get away. This was a bit of an improvement but I still wasnt fighting off a supernatural being with my spiritual weapon.

And then last night, the third night, I (in real life) put up these cool dragonfly wall decals in my room and, in my dream, I had woken up and all of them had been rearranged by a jinn. The dragonflies, instead of being located in a swirly motion above my bed, were scattered all over the walls.

I guess I dont know what is going on. Perhaps its just my mind subconsciously being aware that I am expecting to have a demon dream which is why I end up having one, but I hope its not deeper than that. Any thoughts?

Re: Jinn/demons in my dreams

Posted: 27 Jan 2012, 18:04
by WrenWyrd
I'm not sure I can help you except for telling you that you are right to work with these dreams in more depth since they seem particularly striking.

It also reminds me - only to an extent - of the thread on sleep paralysis: ... /index.php

Keep posting, it's interesting!

Re: Jinn/demons in my dreams

Posted: 30 Jan 2012, 13:29
by mark the compost elf
Interesting dreams.

You seem to be quite able to dream lucidly and have control over the situation. Have you tried speaking to the Jinn? Perhaps there isa reason that this being is focusing on you / influencing you.
Might i suggest that if you can engage it in conversation while dreaming and it still seems aggressive to offer it a riddle (LEARN A FEW, OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE AND DO NOT KEEP COPIES OF THEM IN) In some faery lore entities can be bribed to go away if they cannot answer your riddles, do not trade riddles though, unless it seems right to you.

Re: Jinn/demons in my dreams

Posted: 30 Jan 2012, 16:40
by Drusername
I would recommend against engaging ancient (malevolent) entities in deals, games or witty banter.

It's the power of your faith that will accomplish what you need, probably not which verses you are intoning. May I suggest first deciding what your intended purpose is. (i.e. go away and don't come back) Next, meditate/pray to your deity for intercession and prepare yourself to accept that intercession. When you feel ready (enough), fix your intended outcome in your mind and spirit before going to sleep.
When asleep, hold that power in your hands as a mini-sun of love and power. If approached in your dream, allow the entity the choice of leaving on their own and never coming back. If they choose not to, let your deity drive them out through your talisman.
There are many variations on this theme, especially dependent on your spiritual focus. Points to remember-Your diety/power/heavy hitter is doing the real work. Be prepared to drop your own ego and get out of the way. You should also be prepared to owe a favor or strive to be worthy of this intercession.

Or not, the choice is yours, :hug:

Re: Jinn/demons in my dreams

Posted: 31 Jan 2012, 23:17
by Islamicelt
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I haven't encountered them in my dreams since that last night and I'm not quite sure I was dreaming of them in the first place. Perhaps there was something going on in my mind that simply attracted bad thoughts. Interacting with jinn is prohibited within the faith, but perhaps the jinn was in my dream as a test of whether or not I give God enough credit to be able to protect me from danger. Whether the jinn was real or just a message to think about, I don't know. Im just glad its gone :p

Re: Jinn/demons in my dreams

Posted: 09 Oct 2012, 17:10
by CleddauGal
One of the most effective methods I know for dealing with nightmarish dreams is after it is over, go to the bathroom (because sometimes I think my body sends me a nightmare to wake me up to go take a leak), and maybe have a cup of cold water to change your physical sensation from the dream to the sensation in your mouth. Then go back to bed and imagine the dream again but this time bring what you need with you--a rocket launcher for the sharks and Nazis in my case, a host of sword-wielding angels, perhaps, in yours--and very intentionally deal with the entities in the way that seems most final. Then envision the dead shark or the dusted demon and tell yourself that it is indeed gone and CANNOT come back.

Hope this helps.

Re: Jinn/demons in my dreams

Posted: 09 Oct 2012, 18:28
by Sciethe
interseting and powerful dreams indeed. Objective spirit activity may well be the cause, and I'm not about to advise on that one. However, there are other things to explore as well.

Dreams can be prophetic, or fed by intuition. Try asking yourself: are important things in your life likely to change soon? Can you prepare? The concept of asking the entity is useful in this respect, as other divination methods may be if done with care and preferably with local support.

Consider whether you have intuited that someone might be trying to take a thing of value from you, or that someone close to you might not be trustworthy and have been allowed too far into your confidence. These are examples, but you get the picture I'm sure.

Oh, and riddles. If you were tempted to engage in riddling, be sure you know what the entity would win if it guessed your riddle.
I wish you peace