fairies gnomes and trolls

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fairies gnomes and trolls

Post by spikklubba » 22 Mar 2012, 21:28

Hello, hope and believe that it might be the right place for this ..
This is my experience with these creatures you or somebody else who may well have a different experience or knowledge. . I have learned out of them that they look after and take care of everything in nature all do, of course, not everything but if we start at the end of the chain. it is perhaps a little elf who looks after the plant a little flower .. make sure it gets all the energy and vitality that it needs and the flower next to it is the same and they thorny bushes some distance away sits a goblin and handles his bush makes it strong and tough, and the tags pointy, so no one will venture into it. . and in the large live oak tree is a large tree trolls .. He has done well in oak ever since it was an acorn he also helps anyone else who takes care of their plants close to energy and encouragement .. and this is how it has always been the oak is blowing or burning up and he begins to nurture a new tree ... BUT SORRY, so now it is not enough to take care of their plant and the environment around it that we humans destroy that we can for our selfish and greedy motives. . . we do not understand what we do we crush everything else we believe there is no other intelligent here what wrong we have .....

I have developed a method to help them hoping that someone / some (preferably all) want to try ...
first, I stand up relaxed you can sit or lie down, but now I find it easier to start following ... from the heart sends you down a chain to the earth's center to the mother and ask to link stuck there and that you should get the energy for good causes energy follows the chain / wire / rope up to the heart when you send up the chain to the sun and pray father about linking fix it there to get the energy to good causes and also from the energy to you. . . then send the energy to an object / place I would consider myself to your sacred grove would be a perfect location whether it is in your house / garden or in the forest ... and ask them that they are using energy to something good you think that you send energy little people / forest people (fairies gnomes trolls) can use and benefit of. . . at first I sent only to my friend a gnome and asked him to send to the troll who lived in the stone outside the house I lived in when .. and he sent to everyone around. . . a wonderful feeling now they are happy they always want me to tell others about this so maybe we can save the planet.
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