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elderberry faires

Post by spikklubba » 22 Apr 2012, 19:25

Here I am again going to try to share the little bit of my life .. Yesterday when I was out walking with my dog​​, I passed a friend's house she invited me for a little snack and then I helped her some with her ​​garden she had a male sea buckthorn shrub which does not make any berries alone .. and she wanted iställen plant a elderberry bush at that point so I started cutting but became instantly avbryten out some little fairies who told me to stop what I was doing. . . I started to explain what I would do and that there would be an elderberry bush at this location and I showed them a large blooming elderberry bush from my bardoms memories and they thought it looked wonderful out .. but they thought we should plant it in another location in the garden but I explained that she was caring for the garden really wanted it on this site ...

Okay, but they did not like the idea but said it was my job to make sure it was planted soon .. . and today when I woke up I was really tired, no energy at all, I just wanted to sleep so I cancel a long walk whit some friends ... but the dog still needs his walk and I walked past my friend's house again and she was in full swing, but she had forgotten the little elderberry bush so that I got the address and to plant it .. and they got excited and began their assignment to manage the bush. . .
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