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Visionary or what?

Posted: 09 May 2012, 08:40
by Nachtfalke

is everyone here who has some visions or a foresight (I hope that are the right words on english, please forgive me, if they're not...) from time to time?
The thing is, I have this here and there. My heart says, all is good, all is right and deep in me, it also feels right. In reality meanwhile there are some little changes, but mostly my head says something like "no, it's just a dream, forget it". I got an omen from the Goddess to beltane. This also felt so right in that moment. On the other side I also think my vision (and at the same time wish) needs more time... maybe a few weeks or months.
The question is... can I trust them? Or are they other experiences? :) All this is comparative new for me and I am a little bit uncertain what I should think about the current situation...

I am glad if you can answer or help me in this case :hug:

Re: Visionary or what?

Posted: 10 May 2012, 12:29
by DaRC
Firstly vision / foresight is the correct term :D

As to advice I would say they are worth cautiously exploring to understand what they mean to you - it all depends upon the context of the 'here & now'. If I am unsure I tend to note it, but not let it influence my behaviour, and see how things pan out.

My first real experience of such things was many years ago when I didn't really believe in such things.
After work I reached a roundabout with 2 junctions, both leading home via different routes. One I had a 'bad feeling' about, the other I didn't - it was a surprisingly strong bad feeling.
Anyway I ignored it and went the way I wanted to go... I ended up kicking my way out of a burning car.
I now listen to that feeling :-)