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Tree-Angel Oracle

Post by Dragon » 07 Jun 2012, 20:25

Has anybody come across the Tree-Angel Oracle? Each tree type has a specific Angel.
Does anyone use it and how?
How literal should the meanings of each card be taken?

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Vapour Trail
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Re: Tree-Angel Oracle

Post by Vapour Trail » 29 Apr 2014, 00:15

Hi Dragon,

I was given the Tree Angel Oracle by a friend some years ago. I said "Thanks!" and put it on the shelf thinking "I'll never use that - sounds too twee for my liking". However, I was guided to use it this year - much to my annoyance. Here's what I needed to do.

1. To draw eight cards - one for each of the parts of the Wheel of the Year from Imbolc to Winter Solstice.
2. I was allowed to turn over each card to write it down, but not allowed to interpret the card UNTIL I reached that part of the year.

So far I have had an amazing success! A single card was drawn for each part of the year, and it was either designated as a SIGN or an OBSTACLE card. Some parts of the year indicated that I needed more than one card, but I don't want to complicate things at this stage. Let's just say there was one card.

The "sign" card would show me something which I needed to be aware of - it was an indicator for something in Nature that I needed to watch out for - either literally the tree itself, or its properties. For example, from Spring to Beltane I drew the card "Rowan". At Spring Equinox I read the interpretation. It talked about Rowan being the tree of inspiration. Next thing you know I'm dowsing a rowan tree and finding out that rowan trees are the first tree to encourage male energy back after Winter.
Next, all my quests this part of the year have been inspired by the figure of Taliesin - the bard. During those quests I have been inspired to write and speak poetry at sacred sites. Never expected that at the beginning of the year!

You can read about my quests and the tarot interpretations on my Hedge Druid blog (see signature below).

Just a flavour of how this interesting deck can be used to offer insight, and to inspire you to action in a literal and metaphorical sense.

Love, joy and respect always.
Vapour Trail.
Positive energies.

Vapour Trail
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