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Crystal Ball Divination

Posted: 31 Jul 2013, 16:46
by NitaraRoseBubastis
Hey people!

I am trying my hand at a few different forms of divination. I love my Tarot cards, my pendulum and I get along very well, but the Crystal Ball is a different sort of creature for me to deal with. It's definitely the most difficult tool I've picked up so far, though I have gotten a few symbols it's hard for me to see them.

In my first fairly successful gazing, I saw the image of what appeared to be Pan, and I'm not sure how to interpret his appearance amongst the other symbols, which were a running horse, a forest, and a spider web.

Does anybody here have any experience with Crystal Ball gazing, or any advice for a newbie? Any help for interpreting symbols? I've found lists online, but they seem to contradict each other. Perhaps it's better to stick with an intuitive interpretation?

What do you guys think? :thinking:

Re: Crystal Ball Divination

Posted: 17 Nov 2015, 23:26
by Sionnach Dhu
Greetings Nitara,

I can't believe no one ever commented to this for you. I have some limited experience with gazing, and for me it is intuitive in the sense that the symbolism is particular to me, but having said that, I can also say that the same symbolism is apparent in my life universally. By that, I mean that the same symbolism (and the same meanings) show up in my dreams, my shamanic journeys, and in my everyday life as omens, augery, etc. I would say that this is a better approach than trying to memorize lists of symbols. It has the advantage of you already knowing what it means for you (even if you have to ponder a bit) and also has the advantage of being applicable to you personally in more than just crystal gazing.

Kind Regards,


Re: Crystal Ball Divination

Posted: 18 Nov 2015, 05:57
by illion
Oh, I haven't seen this until now.

I tried crystal gazing some years ago, but found it very hard to understand or control or get something useful out of it. Most of the time nothing happened, but sometimes mostly when I combined it with the Tarot, sometimes without, I could see faces in the ball. The faces looked real and were kind of alive but trapped inside the ball. They had clear face expressions, once I saw clearly an elderly man who looked very much alike the person I was doing a Tarot reading for. I couldn't find out why because he didn't give me any clues to the question of my client, but I told her that I thought her father was with her these days. Another time I saw the face of what I thought at that time must have been a spiritual guide of some sort, but I don't really understood if he had a message or something.

I never saw symbols, but sometimes as I said faces came through, when they wanted to. Not when I asked them to. It seemed like when they came through they were there, and it was not difficult to keep the contact with them. I could stand up from my chair, walk around the table, look at the cat and then look back at the crystal ball, and the face would still be there.

Re: Crystal Ball Divination

Posted: 18 Nov 2015, 12:04
by Fire oak
I'm another one who hasn't seen this until now :-|

Not sure I am going to be of much help either as I too find crystal ball gazing very difficult. My crystal ball actually spends most of its time wrapped up in its silk cloth.

I have though found both water divining with water in a dark bowl and divining in an obsidian mirror much easier though and enjoy working with both, getting images and symbols that I can then work to interpret.

for me divining and interpreting symbols is the same as interpreting what I find when i undertake a shamanic journey or a walk to receive signs, symbols or messages. The only person who can interpret them is the person they are for, no one else can make the interpretation for them. If I am divining, journeying, walking for myself then this is me, if its for a client then it is them.

One thing that can help is to journal what you see, you might be able to make some sense of it at the time but coming back to it at a later date can bring deeper insight or clarity.

Re: Crystal Ball Divination

Posted: 19 Nov 2015, 00:03
by ChelaReader
I usually use Tarot, but do have a lovely crystal ball that I pull out from time to time. It is definitely not easy for me, but I have had some success, seeing images very clearly. It helps me to meditate with it first, and imagine myself inside the ball and then slowly pull out of it while still looking into the depths.

Chela Reader
North Carolina