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Damaged pendulum

Posted: 01 Nov 2013, 04:53
by Qpmomma3
Hello! I use a deck of tarot cards as well as a pendulum. I keep them both in bags away from eachother. Latley, I havn't felt the need to use the pendulum. Today, I took it out of the bag and noticed the crystal was chipped. I am wondering if I need a new stone to replace it. If I do replace it, what do I do with the damaged crystal? Thank you in advance for your imput!

Re: Damaged pendulum

Posted: 01 Nov 2013, 08:11
by illion
The same happened to me once. I just kept dowsing with it, and it still worked. I haven't used it much, so I don't know so very much about dowsing, but I tend to just take what I have nearby for the purpose. I might as well use my necklace.

I guess there are other dowsers here that could come up with their opinions.

Re: Damaged pendulum

Posted: 01 Nov 2013, 08:34
by ShadowCat
My dowsingrods are just a set of bent welding rods, since I've been taught by an engineer who is very down to earth and not into the myths surrounding dowsing. Likewise, I've always loved the intro in the booklet that came with my first tarot-cards: "Look at your cards, they are cardboard pieces with pictures on it. Pretty pictures, but just cardboard. Nothing magical there, the magic is in you."

Likewise, as long as the pendulum would be functional, I'd use it without any qualms, since I'm not big on all the "whooohooo" surrounding divining. Just trust your judgement though: how does it feel for you? If you like your pendulum, just use it with it cracks (that just make it unique) and don't worry about all the mumbojumbo about the signs that a cracked stone supposedly sends. If it doesn't feel right, get a new one and bury the old stone between the roots of a tree.

Re: Damaged pendulum

Posted: 01 Nov 2013, 13:10
by mark the compost elf
the surface of your crystal was cut by man, the flaws within it are natural - one more flaw on the outside will not affect how it answers - As Shadowcat says, the magic is within you in this kind of work.
If half of the crystal has fallen off... then it'll be a bit unbalanced, but a small chip won't make any difference to a physical bias as well.

Re: Damaged pendulum

Posted: 01 Nov 2013, 13:58
by Qpmomma3
I agree 100% the magic is in me. I also know that stones and crystals have a natural vibration and I didn't know if it would affect that. Some stones work very well for me, some don't at all. Just like my cards, it took me forever to find adeck that I clicked with. The deck I have now is a deck I can read very well. I'll keep using my pendulum b/c I do love it. It was my first and I do click with it. Thank you all for your thoughts and afvice.

Re: Damaged pendulum

Posted: 02 Nov 2013, 07:58
by Fire oak
As long as your pendulum still works for you then keep using it. I'm clumsy with pendulums and have a few that have lumps knocked out of them as I use them in my work so they get dropped frequently. All work perfectly and when checked are still 100% accurate.

You can check accuracy against a percentage chart, a semi circle marked off in 10% segments from 0 to 100.

All a pendulum does is amplify what you are picking up anyway it's just a tool even if it's a crystal one.

Re: Damaged pendulum

Posted: 23 Jun 2014, 16:08
by Henrikke
I had the same thing happen to me, my fluorite pendulum fell just 20 cm, but the tip broke off. After that I just couldn't use it any more. It was very dear to me and the first pendulum I got. I have kept it, unsure what to do with it. I recently joined a amateur geology organisation and I think they have equipment so I could re-shape my crystals point. Otherwise I've read several places it's a good idea to bury the crystal. I rather like that idea, it makes sense to me. Just wanted to mention there is equipment to whet or polish your crystal.

Re: Damaged pendulum

Posted: 24 Jun 2014, 07:13
by elementalheart
The only dowsing crystal I've ever used for a prolonged period was a cheapish one I got maybe 30 years ago. It is chipped and misshapen and has no protective packaging, never seemed to want or benefit from being wrapped up and hidden. But I can't get a result with a perfect one tho I have had several replacements given or acquired, they either get given away, wrapped up and lost in cupboards or made into pretty window crystals to reflect rainbows..

Though I don't really use dowsing much any more, I can't bring myself to part with this wee chipped thing and it sits on my mantlepiece over the fire most of the time but very occasionally I'll be drawn to use it, just to see..

My perception as I've gone through the druidic process is that it is actually the imperfection that makes it the power it is, a reflection of my self perception and my capacity in a way I can link and work with. And having accepted one imperfection externally years ago, coming to realise the effectiveness of the "broken"ness, the more challenging work of accepting and relying on internal brokenness began..

So if it continues to work for you, then perhaps it has a connection for where you are working, not necessarily the same as mine but your own meaning to find. And if not, well, crystal is of earth, so that's where I would return it, maybe it will be a gift for someone else that discovers it one day and that was the meaning, the willingness to let go.