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Re: New, and damaged Druid Plant Oracle set

Posted: 10 Jan 2014, 21:05
by Aphritha
I don't have this deck myself, but I could suggest finding the meanings of the plants. Are the qualities of yarrow missing in your life? Is your inner burdock suffering? It might give enlightenment to look at it this way, but it might not. Just a idea.
Since you've decided to keep the deck, perhaps you can use these cards until you feel these plants are better integrated into your consciousness. When you feel ready, add and replace.
I remember Philip saying on Druidspace that if you contact the office about lost cards in the Druid Animal Oracle, they will replace them for you. Perhaps its the same for this deck. I'd give the office a shout about it, and the production question.

Re: New, and damaged Druid Plant Oracle set

Posted: 13 Jan 2014, 22:54
by Paladorys
1) What does the missing and torn Yarrow and Burdock cards mean to you?
It doesn't matter what it means to ME, it only matters what it means to YOU! My twos cents - Meditate on what the plants mean to you (because In my mind this is much more important than what a book says) but also be sure to find the book meanings after meditation. Also its important to note if the missing bits bother you or not and what your emotions towards the missing bits are.

2) Do you think that I should keep the deck?
I would also be of the mind to keep the set. I would be of the mind that they came to me for a reason.

3) Has anyone else had production issues with the product?
Don't have this deck, sorry!

4) Has North American production ceased?
Apparently yes. To quote Philip Carr-Gomm himself "...In addition we needed to consider that the Plant Oracle is out of print and unlikely to be reprinted...." (found here ... racle-app/)