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Creating your own deck?

Posted: 30 Jan 2014, 03:21
by Megan
Hi everyone!
I haven't posted here... in quite some time. Life's funny like that, I suppose. :)

My question to you all is this: Have you ever created your own tarot or oracle deck and had it printed?
I've spent the last half a year creating one based on five elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit and Water), and finally got it up on Kickstarter to try and raise funds to make it happen, but there seem to be a lot of hurdles that keep popping up (minimum orders, test proofs, boxes, packaging in general...)

How did you get around these troubles, if you encountered them at all?

Lastly, how did you find the deck worked for you? Did other people try using it too?

Thank you for your insight! It's like coming home to be posting here again. :)
And let me know if anyone would like to see images of my cards -- I didn't want to post the Kickstarter link because I felt it should go in the Marketplace forum (which I do not have access to post in.)

Re: Creating your own deck?

Posted: 30 Jan 2014, 07:43
by Kris Hughes
Hi Megan -
Yes. I have created a deck and had it printed. I am not offering it for sale at the moment, as I want to work with it for longer, and write a book to go with it, before I do that.

This is the printer I used ... decks.html

They are helpful and friendly, and the print quality is very good. I'd only give the durability of the cards six or seven out of ten, because the print does wear and scratch somewhat with regular use of the cards. They now offer a linen finish, which might do a bit better, I don't know. Boxes will be an issue, unless you go for a playing card sized deck. I haven't looked into having paper/card boxes made to order. Might be worth asking the company above...

How I created my deck is quite a long and involved story...if you reply and ask me, I'll try to find a way to condense it :roll:

I have been reading for others a lot with the deck and have had very good feedback. It has occasionally worked well when I use it to read for myself, but I think I have some mental blocks when it comes to that, unfortunately. I haven't offered it to others to read with...

If you're interested in what I'm doing, check out my website and blog, or here

Best of luck with your project.

Re: Creating your own deck?

Posted: 30 Jan 2014, 19:26
by Megan
Kris, I would love to hear the story!
PrinterStudio is the company I had my test-proof made with. I like what came out of it so far. I'm glad for the information that the durability is so-so. Something to keep in mind...

As for boxes, I did find one company that sells white tuck boxes for those size of card. I don't have the link on hand (since I'm at work at the moment) but can post it for you later if you'd like to take a look?

I liked your page, so I will browse through it when I get a longer chance to be online. :)

If you'd like to read a bit more about my own deck, I have a post about it on my website here: There's just one image, but if you (or anyone reading this) wants to see more of the artwork, I made a (very quick) video of all the cards here and posted it on YouTube:
It goes pretty quick, but I figured people can pause it if they'd like :)

I look forward to hearing the tale of your cards! Feel free not to condense it too much if you don't want to (I do love a good story.)

Re: Creating your own deck?

Posted: 16 Feb 2014, 17:52
by JamesNewell
There are many people who report that something that works for others doesn't always, or doesn't at all, work for themselves. Obviously, there needs to be major discussion of this problem.

I don't know what is wrong, but I have a few tentative thoughts.

Probably, one's at-the-moment structure of consciousness is different when one tries to do something for oneself than when one does it for others. However, that isn't saying very much. The question is, "What are the differences in at-the-moment structure of consciousness which causes the effect?"

One possibility is how much space the action takes up in the field of awareness, and how much is irrelevant thoughts, feelings, etc. When one thinks about oneself, there are all sorts of meanings, memories, etc. which take up quite a bit of space in one's field of awareness. Therefore the space left over for the action one is trying is smaller than if one is doing it for someone else. If that is the problem, the solution would be to find ways to expand the amount of space available for the action when one is directing it towards oneself.

Another possibility is how one shapes one's volition in the action. Volition directed towards someone else is somewhat different from volition directed towards oneself. It there could be the qualities of volition which are causing the effect. The solution would be to slightly alter the volitions directed towards oneself in some special way that would make the action work.

Another possibility is that the consciousness of others is the cause. On an unconscious level, one is constantly in mind to mind contact with those around one. Sometimes that makes it out of the unconscious, but usually it stays there. The reason is that telepathy is a natural process. Telepathy is what we use to link nerve impulse patterns so we can decode them into subjective images, sounds, meanings, etc., so it is a process which functions all the time we are aware of anything. Thus, the minds around one always get a little involved in producing what one is trying to produce. If one is trying to do something for someone else, that person's mind is going to add energy to what one is doing. Others, because they like to see someone doing something for others, will add energy too. However, if one is doing something for oneself, the people around one aren't usually going to add energy to that, and might in some cases even try to block it.

If that is the problem, it is harder to think of a solution. However, the following might work, though I am quite uncertain. If to the group of volitions one is using to shape the mental action, one were to add the volition that one is doing this for oneself to learn how to better do it for others, and of course the intent is real and one really will use what one learns to help others, then perhaps the people around one might contribute a little energy to one's mental action, even if it is directed towards helping oneself.