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Spirit walking guidance

Posted: 25 Apr 2016, 12:16
by Scottie
Hello all,

I was wondering if there were any experienced spirit walkers that would be willing to give me some guidance/advice/training. I've been working my way through - ... 12&sr=8-12 and I've had some pretty mind blowing experiences not to put too fine a point on it but there is an awful lot of information out there (a new age problem I know) and I still feel like I'm stumbling about in the dark with this and could use someone with experience to guide me.

Thanks for reading,


Re: Spirit walking guidance

Posted: 26 Apr 2016, 09:38
by Delian
I've done shamanism in my now dead wiccan coven for many years. Our tradition was Celtic Shamanic Wicca. I've never read the book you're talking about though. It's important to have guides like a power animal to protect you in your shamanic journeys, so it's important to work on that aspect before you do any journey.

One good book on that is by Christopher Penczak Spirit Allies, where he shares the numerous allies we can have contact with and how. Another one from him about Shamanism is The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft. There is a book I've heard good things about, and that I've yet to read, is Singing the Soul Back Home by Caitlin Matthews.

If you have any question, say so.

Re: Spirit walking guidance

Posted: 26 Apr 2016, 10:25
by Scottie
Hi Delain,

Thank you for that. It’s much appreciated. I'll work my way through spirit allies and then throw out any questions I have. Would it be ok to PM you directly or do you prefer an open forum?

Also, would you be open to sharing some of your experiences with me at all?

This is presumptuous I know but I've found that it’s better to ask and be told no than to never ask at all :grin:

Re: Spirit walking guidance

Posted: 28 Apr 2016, 07:33
by Delian
If you want to follow courses, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by Michael Harner has a website with numerous workshops all over America and Europe:

Re: Spirit walking guidance

Posted: 28 Apr 2016, 18:56
by elementalheart
I would recommend you find a teacher or introductory course rather than read books on your own, at least at some stage in your journey. There is so much more to gain from community in shamanic work, particularly early on but also as an ongoing interaction and connectedness.

An intro would be a weekend such as Shaman's Path which is Sandra Ingerman's lineage (did work with Harner early on but has become an authority in her own right for the last few decades, teaching people from the nations who want to retrieve methods the generation before had moved away from in favour of modern western culture. Hers is mostly non-celtic in the material but if your druidic base is where you are then it is likely at least some of your spirit guides, teachers, power animals may be celtic related. You will learn from them as you go along but still have the generic basics of the worlds you walk, methods to try for yourself and for others to see how that goes for you, and the ethics and practices of generations.

There is a shamanic teaching centre in the Trossachs that does this one if you're interested (Lendrick Lodge). I used to drum for and work to support it and other shamanic trainings back a few years but I no longer teach as such, just run drum circles and other more experiential/therapeutic/self directed events. I did those and other trainings for foundation and immersion for over 10 years but latterly moved more into the druidic teachings for focus on landscape and trees, mountains in particular. Now I am a blend of both, I suppose, having returned in a minor capacity to my shamanic community but with a distinctly druidic flavour. I now find them moving toward celtic shamanism as the owner of the centre has been connecting more to his own roots and Sandra and other teachers he works with have encouraged him in that shift. They happen to work in a mixed birch/oak wood landscape with a rescued (from farmland) stone circle restored into their landscape. I thought it odd at first but have found it really good for stone circle rituals, while the mountain that stands over them is a particularly powerful 'guide' for me. So anyway, no vested interest but worth a look given where you are based. Just watch for midgies in summer, they're voracious!