L'Ultima Legione / The Last Legion

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L'Ultima Legione / The Last Legion

Post by Ghostrider » 04 Oct 2007, 21:05

This book is set in the final stages of the decline of the Roman Empire.
It describes the adventures of the Last Emporer of Rome, a 13 yr old boy, his tutor and a group of soldiers from the last Legion assembled in Italy.

It starts with how, what is thought to be, the last Legion, Legio Nova Invicta, is overrun by barbarian soldiers. Only a few survive. One of the survivors then starts out on a mission to rescue the imprisoned boy-emporer. To cut a long story short, the book then tells of the escape of the group to the outskirts of the Empire, in fact: Brittania.

As the group travels through Europe, the writer lets us see how the Empire is crumbling and how 'Barbarians' take over control. It also describes the decline of the Old Religion(s), mainly Rome's and the rise of the Christian church.

What makes the book interesting for Druids, is the way how this rowdy group of travellers combines their differences, also in religion and how they all realise they're not as different as it seems.
And the outcome in Brittania is just plain awesome. I'm not going to describe it, as that would truly ruin the read. But trust me, you'll not be dissapointed!
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Re: L'Ultima Legione / The Last Legion

Post by DJ Droood » 30 Apr 2010, 12:54

Haven't read the book, but I *loved* the movie..it was cheesy, but like on pizza, it worked! Saw it in the theater, then I was flipping through the telly the other day and caught the final battle...brilliantly done....note to self...watch for this DVD in the bargain bin.
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