The Heart of All Knowing - Barbara Meiklejohn Free

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The Heart of All Knowing - Barbara Meiklejohn Free

Post by Arth Seren » 22 Aug 2007, 19:40

The Heart of All Knowing - Barbara Meiklejohn Free

This book wasn't due out til september but its out early.

I bought it in her shop yesterday and I'm working through it nicely. It's easy to read, simple, to the point and her words are very soothing and healing.

Barbara talks about her experiences of being a Seer right from her childhood, and about how these experiences are woven in with her daily life, dealing with dislexya and various other confidence destroying issues. She talks about overcoming these issues in a very positive manner and how we can all move on from things that seemingly stop our progress in both the spiritual and mundane worlds.

There are some great excercises in there too, again, simple and easy but very effective.

Barbara says in the Preface

"I am writing to reach out to every single one of you to affirm that you already have the gifts and abilities of a seer within you. I will help you find your own inner teacher, reclaim your personal power, and remember the sacred knowing that has been with you since the beginning of time. Together we will face and overcome the fear of knowing yourself."

There is some self healing involved and the first chapter is all about honouring the ancestors.

I am enjoying this book so much but more importantly it is helping me heal a very hurt and abused inner child.

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