Trying to understand (re Bear)

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Trying to understand (re Bear)

Post by Kasano » 06 Nov 2005, 01:06

I'm new to this and have only had a vague explanation of the etiquette of the druid culture, so please don't just let me wander around like a moron if I do something wrong. So, about a year ago I started noticing some very strange things happening to me. My imagination became sort of warped at first. For example, I would imagine walking down a street and decide that I wanted to jump over a random building in my imagination, but I couldn't do it unless I really worked at it, sort of finding a way around all of the reasons I shoulde't be able to first. That was strange, since your imagination is supposed to be unlimited right? (at least mine was until then) But I didn't really care until a few months later when I started havinbg the same dream over and over agian. In the dream I am in a forest, on a dirst path leading to a moundish hill covered in grass. The hill has a sort of cave opening, but when I go into the cave I don't ever get very far before this brown bear shows up walking toward me and leads me back out. I tried not folowing him, but in the dream I can't, I just sort of end up following him anyway. That was even wierder, but okay, whatever, just a dream. About a week after the dreams started I started having these really alien thoughts about the bear wandering along with me in day to day life. I practice seeing people's aura's at school since it is so crowded, it makes for perfect practice, I'm getting pretty good at it. But, whenever I try to see people's aura's I also see this sort od bear-shaped aura walking around near me. Execpt there is no bear there, just a bearish aura. Now I sort of emotion-talk to the bear (if that makes ANY sense) and I'm getting used to the idea, but it is still really wierd and I'm looking for some sort of explination of what's going on before I do something stupid and hurt myself. Any explination or help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Post by Dryadia2 » 06 Nov 2005, 02:09

Greetings and Welcome Kasano!

Dream interpretation is really up to what the dreamer feels about his/her dream images and feelings. Bears can represent instrospection (to look within oneself). Their nature is to hibernate, or more accurately, sleep thru the winter. Bear symbolism is about awakening the Power of the Unconscious, so perhaps you are coming into a new phase of understanding and learning. Many people have totem animals that come to teach us, guide us, and/or guard us. That could explain the bear aura you are seeing. Please see this link on some more info about dreams and keeping a dream journal:

Best Wishes!

Peace and Blessings,
:dryadia: /|\
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Post by Kat Lady » 06 Nov 2005, 02:27

Welcome Kasano! And we all question.
Dryadia's advise is right on target as always. In interpreting your dream, you may want to ask a few questions. Has anything changed in my life recently? Have I changed? If so, how? What do I feel I need at this point of my life?
Many times our concepts of self and change come to us in our dreams.
As for Art (Bear), enjoy! The awakening is a wonderful thing.
If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat.--Mark Twain


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Post by Kat Lady » 06 Nov 2005, 03:24

My apologies to Seeker. In an attempt to copy his wonderful response to another portion of this forum, I "oopsed" and accidently moved it. Therefore, I copy it here for you to read.
Seeker wrote:Welcome, have received good advice so far, so I will not add any more. But, if you are is one of many writings out there regarding Bear as a totem or spirit...

Speaking Truth to Power

Virginia Carper Copyright 2005

The most recently evolved of the Carnivores, Bears
appeared on earth about 20 million years ago. They now
contain the largest meat eaters on land. Despite their
heavy bones and massive skulls, Bears are fast
sprinters, able to keep pace with Horse. In addition,
many Bears are good tree climbers, foraging for fruit
and nuts. Lifting large boulders, They eat Insects,
that live under the rocks. Swimming for long distances
in the cold Arctic Seas, Polar Bears hunt Seals. In
their pursuit of food, Bears are quite resourceful.

Throughout history, people’s lives have intertwined
with Bears’ lives. These Predators stand up, eat the
same foods, and protect their children, much like
people do. Because of these similarities, people feel
a kinship with Bears. Humans and Bears have been wary,
respectful, and tolerant of each other. However,
contact with the other usually ended in disaster for
both people and Bears.

Bears are one of the oldest recorded totemic beings.
For many peoples, Bears offer their nurturing,
protection, and wisdom. Ancient legends tell of people
sharing caves with Bears. (People were contemporaries
of Cave bears (Ursus speleus) in Eurasia.) Early
people often sought permission from the elders and
from the Bears, before hunting a Bear. In addition,
special ceremonies were often held to ensure the
Bear’s Spirit were at peace, after the killing.

Various peoples have traditions of Bears as intimate
members of their cultures. Among Native Americans,
Bear, “the animal that walks like a man”, would care
for lost children and raise them. Among the Basque and
Siberian peoples, if a person was killed by Bear then
they came back as a Bear. Arcadians of the
Mediterranean Basin claim that they are descended from
Bears, as well.

Bears urge people to speak truth to power. In the face
of power, truth is their best ally and weapon.
Knowledge of Bears has helped people to avoid being
killed. In addition, this powerful Animal appears in
people’s dreams offering individual truths. Bears go
into the dark regions where people fear to go, and
speak truth to power for them.

Bear Family’s Teachings Include:

“This innate visceral fear of bears lives somewhere
inside all of us. Stone Age man still hunkers in the
cave of our emotions and his survival is still
threatened by predators. This Stone Age fear will
always exist but we can control it with understanding.
To make it easier to coexist with bears, because
without them our lives will be greatly diminished.”
Copyright: “Bears of the World”, Lance Craighead.

“Bear has two sides to his personality. On one hand he
is curious, cheerful, good-natured, and deliberate. On
the other hand, he is quick to anger, because he is
sure of his own power, and will defend his family to
the death. Bear’s only enemies are man and forest
fires.” Copyright, “Alaska Bear Tales”, Larry Kanuit.

Bear Family’s Wisdom Includes:
Spiritual Force
Inner Wisdom and Dreams
Strength in the Face of Adversity
Healing and Protection
If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat.--Mark Twain


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Post by Kasano » 09 Nov 2005, 06:13

Wow, thanks for all the feedback. Thats interesting about bears, from seeker, and I checked out the dream page. My sister always made me keep a dream journal with her when she was little, but maybe I should start agian. Sorry it took me so long to get back, but the internet at my house is kinda shaky right now and I have no idea what I'm doing trying to fix it. By the way, what's all this about dragons? I keep seeing dragon circle and dragon healing and stuff like that. Thanks!


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Post by Merlyn » 09 Nov 2005, 14:40

Hi Kasano,
Dragons are deep in Welsh lore. The Pendragon family name was the father of King Arthur and the Welsh flag still bears the red dragon of Welsh lore. One of the early tales of dragon lore was of Emrys the young Merlin of myth. The red and white dragons of Welsh and Saxon lore fought fiercely in the tale, symbolizing the struggle for sound leadership.
The four elemental dragons are depicted in the Druid Animal Oracle, a diviner's card set by Philip. Knowing the dragons and becoming one with them is a part of our Druid path.
I began the circle of the four dragons over a year ago. It is an OBOD seed group of like minded members and friends alike.
Dragons symbolize many things, our deep emotion, our hidden treasure of talents, our ability to change and our higher intellect.
Water, earth, fire and air respectively.
Many cultures depict dragons, and in China they represent the levels of their culture and more. Often they represent the unknown, or uncharted waters, so to speak. They are the wings of adventure, deep root of our culture and often come to us as messengers, telling us there is much about ourselves we need to explore.
American Indian lore also includes Dragons.

Light of change
Image :emerit:
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ac yn nawdd, nerth;
ac yn nerth, ddeall;
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ac o garu, caru Duw.
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Post by Kasano » 10 Nov 2005, 21:54

Thanks, can't check it out now but I'll look tonight.


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Post by Wolfwalker » 15 Nov 2005, 17:43

You may find Kasano, that this is one of the two or three 'rooms' in the board where we tend to very often speak freely and openly of our dragons too, as with Circle of the Four Dragons. The reason is simple. As Merlyn said, there are mystic conections and symbolism connected to them, and in a part of the board that is a melting pot for exchanges of ideas and learning on mystic, dreams, animals guides and totems, spirit walking, past life regression, and other like topics, my fellow mods & I try to keep an open-minded and very non-confrontational approach to disussing these matters. If you have questions that feel too personal to discuss out on the open forum, pm one of the mods from this site of 4 Dragons or one of the others whose posts you read here that resonate with you as having wisdom & truth that you choose to ask. We try not to become too specific here at times, as we have workd to keep this room an open one, which means the public can browse it, anyone with posting priviledges can resond to it, for whatever reason, and thus, as I said, we try to keep things as friendly, open and non-confrontational as possible. Questions welcomed...
blessings, Peter
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Post by Kasano » 20 Nov 2005, 06:35

Agian, thanks for all the feedback. I'm sorry I've been gone so long, but I'm finally back in town. I got back in touch with my local teacher/learning buddy/student and he had good things to say about this site. It impressed me anyway, (He's pretty technophobic), so I would be willing to teach what I have figured out to anyone interested in learning it. I can be contacted at and will try to return all emails as fast as I can. That's all for now because my friend keeps calling every five minutes to come see something.



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