Get set for druids in golf buggies at Stonehenge

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Get set for druids in golf buggies at Stonehenge

Postby Dathi » 01 Sep 2011, 09:47


This caught my eye. ... 6126750531
Two decades ago, a British parliamentary committee described Stonehenge's visitor facilities, and the highway that almost clipped the edge of its circle, as a "national disgrace". Until 1977, people had been free to clamber all over the setting for Europe's grandest prehistoric temple, surrounded by a necropolis of hundreds of Neolithic and Bronze Age burial mounds. The area was later fenced off from everybody, apart from New Age druids celebrating the solstice.

Now the British government is preparing to close the road around the site, restoring the stones' heathland setting, while a new visitors' centre is constructed 2.5km away. In the new design, hundreds of thousands of sightseers will reach the site via the centre on a lightweight transit system. Expect druids in golf buggies.
Any appropriate ideas for a visitor's centre at Stonehenge?


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Re: Get set for druids in golf buggies at Stonehenge

Postby Lily » 01 Sep 2011, 09:58

should be fully underground and "eco"...
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