Oiseau Rock, Canada

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Re: Oiseau Rock, Canada

Postby RedSky » 02 Jun 2013, 13:46

Thanks! I'm beginning to look into the Caddo People for insight into the spirits of my locality.
I'd like to be familiar enough to at least speak their names, which may not have been heard here for a long time.
If I get enough nerve I may drive up 4 hours to where several hundred live now. I don't want to steal their religion,
I just want to honor the spirits of this place. I presume they are still here.

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Re: Oiseau Rock, Canada

Postby DebMc » 08 Jun 2013, 04:40


This landscape and the first people of Canada have such tremendous spiritual power/presence, don't you find? Not that the rest of the world doesn't, but the Old Ones seem younger and more lively here.... if that makes any sense??? :blink:

Blessings of the Garry Oak Ecosystem :)


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