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Re: Glastonbury Thorn

Postby hodekin » 26 Aug 2013, 08:58

Well done Sciethe!

This project of ours is not an overnight thing, we all realise we are in this for the long haul!

Once again, all my thanks for taking this on and keeping us posted.


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Re: Glastonbury Thorn

Postby Sciethe » 27 Aug 2013, 20:57

The responses you received for cuttings was shocking actually. I don't think that here in the states, ANY such positive reaction would occur. I would hope I am wrong, but I think here those in charge would respond that any FURTHER cuttings would not be a wise idea and that they would handle it all, "but thanks for your concern.". It's not about the tree or the history here it's about who gets to be in charge. I am delighted that it turned out the way it did.
I'm pretty surprised as well, actually. But delighted. As you say Menevengiel, it's a generous sharing of control. Good gardeners know the value of this kind of sharing.

Thanks to all of you for helping to power the idea forward, and to Hodekin for his advice on my comms. with the Abbey. We have a response to my specific propagation proposal from Glastonbury Abbey:

I saw your correspondence with {Hodekin}, and noted that grafting is advised. I therefore immediately obtained a number of young thorns suitable for stocks, and started to root them in pots. They have repaid me by beginning, today, to re-sprout showing that they will be viable. This hurdle cleared, I felt ready to contact you to make arrangements.

The primary method of grafting that I have in mind is the cleft method. This is best carried out before the trees come into leaf, I suggest the end of March, and would like to try to organise a visit to take material at that time. The grafting would take place immediately and in situ, the cut material being applied to the new stocks at once. I know that the thorn does not always show the full Levantine characteristics when grafted onto ordinary hawthorn, and (if I get some successful grafts) as a second phase I will be attempting to develop roots above the graft union so as to get a true specimen. I would like to try a second and third method also, a small batch of bud grafts and a direct rooting attempt in gel.

The amount of material needed to carry these three propagation techniques is minimal, six pieces of young wood of pencil thickness will be ample, and I note and respect the fact that you wish your own staff to carry out the collection.

The ultimate growing places of some of the issue of this attempt (if any) is expected to be a secret known to yourselves at Chalice Well, the owners of the land on which they grow, and the propagator(s) and office at OBOD. These trees are the safety net. Other individuals we hope will be planted in prominent and Sacred places as a symbol of sanctity, peace, and understanding between religions.

"That all sounds fine. I’m sure we could provide you with the six pieces of plant material you request. As I mentioned earlier you will probably get better pieces from the younger Holy Thorn tree that is planted next to the older tree as the wood is much more green and pliable and more likely to take as a graft than the gnarly old stems on the older tree. Anyway this should be self explanatory when you visit in March and see the trees for yourself."

Go us. :grin:
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