A call for help

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A call for help

Post by Thee-Interloper » 07 Feb 2016, 15:02


Once upon a long ago there was an unused patch of ground in Glasgow that had once been red-ash playing fields but had been left to go to waste, that was until the local community gathered together and brought life back into the land.

Things pottered along until quite recently when Glasgow City Council started considering applications for building on the land without any real consideration of what the land is currently used for, legally, it may be still thought of as ex-playing fields.

There's a petition ongoing at the moment and any additional signatures would be greatly welcome, the change.org petition is here:


and the community website is here:


May I also ask for a little spiritual assistance? If any of you could spare some meditation or ritual time to strengthen the spirit of this small green space, strengthen the resolve of those trying to save it. For those who stand against the developers let them the be blessed with the power of eloquence to persuade the council that keeping the meadow as it is would be is the best option and that their case is heard fairly and honourably.

It is a small part of the world but one that enriches the lives of the children in the community and I would love it to continue to do so for years to come.

May the Awen guide you and keep you.
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Re: A call for help

Post by Journey » 22 Apr 2016, 19:39

What a beautiful space. Please let us know what has happened with it. These small spaces can be so precious to the communities that surround them.
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