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Tree ID websites

Posted: 18 Jun 2005, 23:06
by Lora
The following two British websites are good for identifying the Ogham trees and other UK native trees, also some non-natives which have established here. ... _index.htm has good pictures taken at varying times of year of leaves and fruit. Best if you have some idea what you've seen and just want some clear pictures to confirm your finding.

A Key for identifying British Trees and Shrubs - if you're not sure helps you to identify a tree by providing you with a selection of likely trees once you’ve answered a few questions.

Here are a few more if you're not in the UK...

In the United States, this site has a similar function - just follow the links and answer the questions.

A New Zealand plant ID site is here - this has photo galleries rather than a quiz -

A tree guide for the Netherlands, in Dutch or English.

If you know of a good tree ID website in your country, please add to this list - it would be good to get an international list of links together. I couldn't find a good link for Canada so far, for instance - only links to ID books.


Posted: 19 Jun 2005, 09:23
by Mey
Thank you sooooo much for the links!

Posted: 19 Jun 2005, 16:54
by Earthwoman
Lorraine, thank you so much for providing these links. :D


Posted: 31 Jul 2005, 15:37
by Fitheach
I like The Tree Org UK at

Posted: 31 Jul 2005, 15:47
by Kat Lady
I am glad this was bumped up because I missed it earlier. Thank you all for the links. Very helpful indeed!

Posted: 31 Jul 2005, 20:14
by Dryadia2

Posted: 31 Jul 2005, 20:46
by Seeker
Thanks for all of these, Dryadia...

Posted: 31 Jul 2005, 21:17
by Lora
Thanks Dryadia, that's great. And Kat Lady, I've made it a sticky so we won't lose all those links. Does anyone else in other localities have some more ID sites? If so please keep them coming!


Posted: 01 Aug 2005, 03:30
by Selene
I had posted this to the Links of Interest awhile back, but I'll copy it to this thread:
Virginia Tech has a web site for their Dendrology class that should be very helpful to anyone wanting information on North American trees. There are several sections, but these look to be the most useful:

A searchable database in which you can find information on a tree by entering its scientific or common name:

A map-based database in which you can find information on which trees grow in which states or provinces: ... /index.htm

A dichotomous key that can identify a tree from a leaf or a twig:

Lots of photos on the tree pages and information on water and sunlight requirements, value to wildlife, etc.

Posted: 04 Aug 2005, 05:36
by Dryadia2

I just found a Canadian Plant ID website! And thought it deserves a separate entry here, Eh?

Canada link:

http://www.canadianbiodiversity.mcgill. ... /index.htm

Peace and Blessings,
:dryadia: /|\

Posted: 06 Sep 2005, 14:54
by ladybast
Greetings, Wren:

I live near the San Francisco Bay, and found a terrific website recently patiently itemizing ( and giving the address where you can go visit) actual individual trees in our area of about 100 species that can be seen and visited in our area. Some are native variants of British trees (for example California live oak), others were planted here many decades ago and are now "nativized" transplants, much like the English sparrow is now comfortably nativized. It has been a tremendous help to me in meeting trees and getting to know them.


Posted: 06 Sep 2005, 14:55
by ladybast
Hi again Wren:

I neglected to include the Web address, so here 'tis:

Posted: 06 Sep 2005, 18:32
by Dryadia2
Thank you for the link Ladybast!

The info looks very handy for folk in the S.F. area.

:dryadia: /|\

Posted: 08 Dec 2005, 14:00
by Arianwen
These links are wonderful!
Thank you for sharing them. I've had a piece (of what I think is Alder) by my computer for weeks now, and I've been searching for sites like these, so that I could make sure!

/|\ Arianwen

Posted: 19 Jan 2006, 20:18
by Laurelin Tauregwaithalion
I cannot express how helpful these sites will be to me in researching what sort of tree to plant in my back yard now that our beloved aleppo pine has been (very regrettably) sentenced for removal today. (The wankers who planted him placed him a mere 15 feet from the house, and now his root system is severely endangering the well-being of our home.)

I want to make sure I've researched plenty before any subsequent tree planting begins.

--Laurelin :gloomy: :treehug:

Posted: 20 Jan 2006, 16:12
by Lora
Best of luck in finding a suitable alternative. I've seen a couple of sites giving safe planting distances for trees from houses, but they were for British natives. If I find anything else around, I'll put it up on here in a separate thread.


Posted: 29 Jan 2006, 21:15
by Dryadia2
Today I found these Dutch Treeguides, and Plant Identification websites:

Peace and Blessings,
:dryadia: /|\

Posted: 24 Aug 2006, 13:33
by Druantia
Do you know of a site that identifies Australian trees and shrubs etc?    Druantia

Posted: 24 Aug 2006, 15:46
by Selene
I had a quick look around Google and didn't find much, but I did discover an Australian Native Plants forum at — if you haven't tried that, maybe it could be a starting place.

Posted: 24 Aug 2006, 18:32
by Lora
The following website has an image gallery of Australian native plants (not confined to trees although there are some) which should help with ID'ing plants.

So far, I've not found a specific tree ID site for Australia - I'm surprised, I'd have thought there has to be something out there.