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An Irish Herbal - Links

Post by Dryadia2 » 05 May 2008, 04:08

Abhaill wrote:Hi everyone! :hiya:

I'm going to start posting a series of threads in the Irish subforum on herbs in Gaelic, with the dual intent of learning more about the individual herbs in question and practicing my rusty, misshapen language skills! I hope this will become not only an exercise in vocabulary and language development, but also a collection of Irish folklore about various important herbs. Keeping these two goals in mind, please feel free to add your translations and knowledge of Irish herbal folklore to this and following threads in kind.
This thread (in Greening Gaia) is 'read only', and provides links to 'An Irish Herbal'. Please follow the links provided to the actual threads, where all are invited to join in on the discussions. And please keep checking back here on occasion, for additions to the series.

An Irish Herbal - Méiríní na Maighe/Agrimony:

An Irish Herbal - Créachtlus/Hedge Woundwort ... 73&t=27888
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