Make your voice for our Forests Loud & Clear

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Make your voice for our Forests Loud & Clear

Post by merryb » 23 May 2011, 09:53

I recived an email from the woodland trust about the Independant Panel for Forestry

" In February you helped bring about a government u-turn against plans proposed to sell off England's public forests. Following the collapse of the consultation, an Independent Panel for Forestry was set up which I have been invited to join. The Panel's remit is to look not just at the future of public forests but at many aspects of forestry in England and it is really important that your voice is heard in this.Â

The Panel has launched an opportunity for you to be involved in its review, from the very beginning. Please continue to make the public voice for woodland heard loud and clear!"
Sue Holden, Chief Executive Woodland Trust. ... panel.aspx

If this link does not work go to then forestry panel


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Re: Make your voice for our Forests Loud & Clear

Post by nerithedeerfairy » 28 Jun 2011, 03:23

no pruning posts on this site, as an animist i can see the threads here are alive and have spirits on their own, just because they are not active in the seen realm doesn't make it okay to 'prune' them, this could be effecting plants in the real world world,

let it grow as the mosses grass and the vines and deeper wisdom soon shall shine
be yourself, overcome peerpressure :), I love the Sun


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