ancient woods 21 could be destroyed by High Speed 2 Train T

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ancient woods 21 could be destroyed by High Speed 2 Train T

Post by merryb » 10 Jun 2011, 20:53

Left hand, right hand?
Thank you for adding your views to the High Speed 2 debate. The Woodland Trust remains concerned about the risk to 48 ancient woodlands along the proposed route.
We continue to ask Phillip Hammond, the Transport Secretary, for further environmental information and will not stop until the environment and its irreplaceable
ancient woods are treated with the same level of detail and respect in this consultation as the economic argument.

Friends and family can still add their voices too, so if they have yet to speak up - please pass on this link: ... 2-map.aspx

High Speed 2 now seems to be even more out of touch when compared to the Coalition's

stated desire to protect ancient woodland. On the back of their recent
climb down from the forestry sales, this Government has instructed an Independent Panel to offer recommendations for all areas of our forest's future.

Yet at the same time, the Department of Transport is consulting on a route that will destroy 21 ancient woods and damage a further 27 more. Does the left
hand know what the right hand is doing? Why is one part of government pledging to retain protection for ancient woodland, as another department is
planning its destruction?

If you feel that all of this just doesn't add up, you can take part in the Independent Panel's 'call for views'. Please share your experiences and
ideas with the Panel, and help us tighten the belt of protection, which in turn will help us fight threats to our woodland like High Speed 2.

Join the forestry conversation now: ... panel.aspx

Thank you for your continued support, as woods and trees can't speak for themselves.

Nikki Williams
Head of Campaigning

Get further information on the role of the Independent Panel on Forestry, or take part in others ways via

See the Woodland Trust question Philip Hammond direct on a live debate at ... bate66864/
I feel this important information for all Druids I feel thatthese woods are precious and should be saved for our generation and all future generations.
I do not know what other groups are doing out this issue> I would be interested to find out.

Merry B


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