Music to Grow Plants

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Music to Grow Plants

Post by nerithedeerfairy » 28 Jun 2011, 03:11

Thanks to reader Amy Morie, here's a groovin' mp3 from Music to Grow Plants:

Corelli-Jacobs - Music to Grow Plants

If your plants need any help growing, I guess that this would do the job. Dr. George Milstein thought that this was really a good idea.

George Milstein, a New York horticulturist, has determined that music helps plants grow. 'The secret,' he says, 'is a high frequency sound that blends right in with the music. I believe that the sound waves cause the plants to keep their pores open longer and wider, allowing a greater exchange with the air around them.' So once a day for forty-five minutes he plays music for his plants, and he has been so successful that he now has produced a record called Music to Grow Plants By. (Captain James Conely in Air University Review March-April 1972)

The music is orchestral sorta-funk lounge, the type of music used in movies and TV shows back in the 1970s when this record came out and also found on "library" records.

Note: The music is credited to Corelli-Jacobs on the record's label. There doesn't seem to be any information about them on the Internet. ... lants.html
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