One Day This Place Will Be a Great Forest

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One Day This Place Will Be a Great Forest

Post by nerithedeerfairy » 28 Jun 2011, 03:14

Wherever this sutra is read and cultivated or alluded too in any form, one day this place will be a great forest, and all within will be taken care of by the Goddess, in fact that is what the Earth is now, a huge system of energy, which Goddess cares for, she gives all things in earth and heaven their order and chaos alike, because she is them. She nurtures and protects by sacred balanced she is both the new and the very old, the male and the female, the square and the hip, the heathen and the heavenly, she is the wisdom by which all is divine and which makes life beatiful and real meaning echoing in endless mystery, questioning and answer, knowing unknowing. She is in every world, within all things, the connector and the unity the unspoken one sometimes, only waiting to be offered to in the form of reason or prose, or action even insight to yield the true fruitfulness of the universe, remember it to us, for it is ever present, forever we are in wanti, which has no bounds, and no harm within nor without, miraculously appearing, breaking away in truth, like the moon, the sun, the sky, the great earth,always there, yet in ourselves, are inner soul, most wise and high, most ancient beer, everything is that love, we went forth, revelling among the plants, communing and conversing somehow, in or simple living zen.

the bean, the berry, the growing plant talk, nature sounds, like the keyboard. dreamwalking, things appear, they are nothing yet everything


every cell of me speaks, in meditation, the enlightening realization seeps through, beyond concepts of time, seasons, somehow drawing its own forth, like the plant, like Life, appropiate unconscious action, it is a sea, a wave, a movement, its the fullness of my being

with you i have a kindness, a freeness, a smile, along the universe, i understand every joke

EVERY JOKE IS REVEALED TO ME, I SPREAD THEM AMONG THE PEOPLES, All existence, yet they were already there, hardly recognized
living in the cloudy mountain

it grows from nothing, it has all qualities, it is Ness, beyond time and notions of reality, glowing the celestial emanation
the sacred living healing fire, all goes into this eternal infinite place
the soul dwells there eternally all appears and passing there changing and constant somehow with the wisdom and benevolent transpirations of the sage, for it grows theree
in inconsequence

the unity of all in the breathe, expanding, organic, gentleness,

even among delusion, counterfit reality, the real dwells, eternal regardless of understanding
in misunderstanding and understanding alike, God is

nothingness is immortal, ever free, tis the poetry, tis the blessed poetry
yet unworded, yet without symbols
free of symbols, questioning all growing,
everything in glorious harmony,happening on its own accord!

we lived and travelled adventured and were generally at peace, we loved all things
and we were kind to eachother and shared our ways, realizing we were vessels of the Eternal One
one with the very plane, the dream, we are the dream beings, the pathways and notions we are and garden
with our thoughts and expressions, are a doing of the universe, growing in truth
the great mother brings it all, loving all, understanding all, and helping to grow
encouraging kindness and the wisdom, there is none done unto but the self
for she is in all, there is none we do onto but her,

in all time and all doing our qualities our travel of the moon, the creation of the universe from the seed
the sprouting of Adawapayo, and her call arising in all of us, as she does, to bestow in us, our own universe,
and that is the eternal way, yet it is a way as dreamlike and empty, even moreso than the snowflakes
this the buddhas come to know by various means, seeking understanding, form is emptiness, emptiness is form
yet the physical, this most outward thought, this planet, the crystal most intimate to the realm of soaring Spirit
it is the spirit itself.

the sunshines through it, because the sun is that realization and the moon, because the moon is also
even that darkness is light, even that reflection is conversation, so deep our friendship, InI, so deep this self.
All the peoples, gathered, and joined in the trees, the trees those true sadhus, those who are ourselves in dream,
for we all slip into and from heaven, as we realize the parts of ourselves, in the realm we are and gather them, we bring ourselves closer to eternity
this is the meaning of spiritual practice.

Everything is Goddess, every utterance, everything is waking and sleeping

upon the seven lilies of kuan yin, at the heart of being, where words are useless

the spirit of the herb came into me, taking me to another plane
taking us deeper into each other, into the surroundings energy and body feelings

getting zonked brings out a crazy feeling, these are manifestations, an ancient language described everywhere
the Gods are us, yet they are all things,they are the layout of the soul seen from the higher perspective
the view of the hawk, soaring, the elusive dance of the age old dragon, the whispered quiet wisdom of the sun
the forest and windings and wanderings, wonderings of all the beings, and what they start through the days, energy moving in circles,
expanding, and coming inward, vibrations, in this sense, what is god?

spirals webs, zig zags, curves, indescribable things, the elements of this, remembering
remembering it is, remembering the truth the eternal land, the rising of love, across your face
of the sun of the trees of the hills and the plains, of everything, and everyone, in all their ways, their names
the same, healing, and living loving true, it only goes as far as me and you, this is everything, the mushrooms rise again
the forest floor is amazing, it always makes me forget, passing through the seasons, how real they are, and each of us a channel
a portal, and on and on in this huge infinity


all plants grow here, and we live among the trees, we have space and we have wildness, and goodness, on the breeze, fairy and man woman deer angel bear and fox, have our peaceful livings, in the soil water, grass and the rocks.

infinite love flows through everything always, so ecstatic are we, in this miracle life, we so often find, that which springs up, is it all enlightenment, is it all so essential?

we live in our own ways, in the way spirit calls us, there is wisdom among the people, all beings, all the sacred tribe, in nothingness, buddha of nothing, these words can't offer
deep you will see the universe is one koan and know it and it will mean nothing as it truly is,
things are thus set, who can say it is not fate then? yet even to concieve is to fall away
totally traditionless, only then to find something, those like me may already be dead

if so please eat us what you can, for i am an apple

and the apple spoke, the salvia is the book, amplified, holding a message, like slippery water

nothing was the same again, sometimes i dont know what to make of these visions, like slipping in, seas of dolphins, and floaing away, like a tiny slice of a moon, left in a plate, yet it is all the world and the grass and the dirt and the earth is still there, and the planets, we dance along them, in our private ways, we of one, we love, in the aledays

empathy i understand, love for the tree, and the land, sense, sensitivity, in us all, a message long dreamed of, unfolds

we lay there with eachother
the elephants were turning into people, the old way, and they're ties, became plants, and the plants hoofs, they became deer, and fairies, and love, and twas unbound, and in the endless wave, the pizza,
something in me thought of papa
the pizza burnt

the dreams all time opens here we dance
only here can real zen be fathomed and also by being very kind and appreciative cherishing the good in all

so much good has passed upon the world through the practice of wantism which is basically the manifestation of the planet of enlightenment

strange saints, strange magics are about once more, the deer speak,

deer bone, deer bone

come in

"all of this they knew perhaps as they know the stars and the cosmic wind

true peace comes from within, all without comes from within"

Also I notice in the area a noticeable amount of large sticks like trees have fallen in the woods, and they should be moved, so we're going to be breaking them so other plants can grow, also, it seems like many sticks are being gathered up into huge nest things in the woods, not by birds because they are much larger, this is also not good, because once again the plants underneath can't grow and it just seems like a knot of energy, im pretty sure people are doing it, its happening at the edge of forests, often, so we're trying to break those up and stop whoever makes them from making them, so the forest can run free...

we think this is truly a part of the cycle, check your local wood for bound nature, and if you can, set it free, no tree should be tied, it okay to break huge sticks, and destroy unneeded paths through easy to navigate areas, i think this is good idea,

sometimes they are on top of other plants and those plants can't grow or are bent because of it, many times, they are near mushrooms, or some interesting treasure of nature, i wonder if they are markers being set intentionally, by the spirits, by people?

does it matter, i don't work so, its something to do, some of it is a bit heavy but.. yeah... i believe gestures like this can have great effect in a community or area, when the plants realize you are doing it, its like.. spirit works, that is what i believe

i believe in planting as many mushrooms as possible, in random places outside, to grow on their own

"have a cup of coffee!"

"have a god damned cup of coffee!"

the menacing drunk lady threatened from the other end of the log. I knew if I refused I would be murdered in cold blood so I poured myself a cup and relaxed. suddenly the forest erupted with naked people of all shapes and sizes, genders and colours, revelling and playing some sort of strangely serious game with the leaves and the seedlings.

"i speak your language dreamwalker"
she said amongst the foliage and nudity

then she transformed me into a root and i've been here ever since!

"i like the tall trees and possess the power to time travel
i am the weaver of all fate" she explained later

what? i said,
is it true?

oh yes
though its smart for you to ask because there are many imitators
as you have come to realize in these past few days
but i have woven them as well and perhaps in a way they have woven me out of their own times and threads from the manna
also have i woven you
and woven your conundrum
and its resolution

i weave because im empty
thus they are only dream webs
a dreamer like you can catch yourself in one, and not know it,
not even realize ive been talking to you
not even realize theyve died and gone to the oneness of heaven
long ago
but its true, and now you're stuck in my web and im going to love you

who am i?
i am the Anomon

why do i experience myself and the universe
because i long for a passion untold, i long for the meteors flight
and the ghost cat's wafer in the willows

because i echo with the feeling of drinking from rivers

because im the only one left, foolish enough to carry on
against the nihilists..

because of sex, i am still alive, damnit, never let them tell you otherwise
never let them effect you, or your chaos, revel in it, and it will grow, it will protect you and all of nature, its the best thing, in the world... mystical ecstasy, a pocket full of bird seed... rebel, rebel against everything, even yourself, only then will you know the truth
and you will laugh because you will see that it is and has alway been at the core a lie.


i am no ordinary root

i'm polymorphic

a kind lie but a lie none the less

only hemp and love and stories, little flickers of feelings from when things were simpler
i sing the universe a lullabye
blind it with muffins and somatic makeshift alcohols
then steal away on a rainbow across the planes with my beloved
collecting mushrooms and friends
until we fall still again at dawn, like crickets

still my heart rings with the wonders of the night and we join hands around the campfire as the sticks have been broken
the onion grass unsmothered, the unintended evil undone, mushrooms shaken and settling to rise again,
i look at the sky and it is there, like its always been
i touch everything and it touches me
i remember the cows..
suddenly we are all eaten in a moment of peace by something large and unforeseen

as we disintegrated we made love, perhaps one last time in the belly of the giant thing, floating around, the acid eating away at our brains all the while, causing us to go insane in our wild and orgasmic humping frenzy, it was disgusting but somehow satisfying, the being was large enough and a healthy enough eater, that the waters were actually not bad smelling or so much different than water, there was even some seaweed growing in there

after we had exhausted ourselves, we rested in one anothers caress on an island of some amazingly well placed organ which was conducive to all life, and made soft sounds.

we were glad the cool thing which saved the world started in maryland, then we simply summoned a portal back out to daylight.

nothing exists, nothing matters
life is the watch of the play of hallucinations
and their delusional logic in tides rising and falling
as it destroys itself
in the love of the ever changing
again and again

everything is air
life and light flow through it and each other
a strange visionary mystical miracle
rose carrying the torchy candle of beat to ranger and stranger ranger to beat
and beaches where the sun seeps in
holy blessed one
selfless source of all love
shaman of the days, wise one friend of many
our gaze away even we know you everywhere
your likeness in us
every awareness
the sage is a language a tao
the earth is a computer and a child
of the universe we are the cells working together
knowing another and thte universe, spirits work through
yomo, love is deep like the pine roving climbing my back is the trunk above the moon bright and curved resting in quilting stars
silence vibes, rocked by it like a deep groove
grove song
so deep meanings of the universe itself
being ever born into it
like the pinecones and the rings of onion grass
in a starry one, where a watery renaissance
relayed in lilies deep soft wild thicket the deer land
the earth, and fae mounds come a walking that land wrapped around us and everything
we are it
bouncing one little light
paddling through, boat journey
the universe, the constellation
the spirit moving, shaking the creation
for the feeling can come through then, out there, and ripple all the way through
to where the words fall
the jnani
drunken moon
cows flying through the astroglyphosphere
i dont know what it is im rebelling against
i dont know if it is at all
so sometimes just falling you seem pulled through
guided by intuition
or a force a magnetism of good,
bless that force, because wow, has it brought it along unimaginably
the unconscious is the true magic, let it happen on its own
its always happening set so long ago, yet we were there
in one and all, the same

there in the trees, and refracted out, the dutch folk tale spoke to me
it was the tree calling me, out there, all were, us fairies
and all things of a plenty in truth, a rare moment, unto the golden realm
a leap
in golden time
in dandelion
and teaching rhyme among the silent things in time
as life does bounce across the mind
not blind the heart doth blossom sweet
in enigma, sorrow's creek, lay hallowed by leaf stick, rising seed of the spring
so in we rising
is the very season not a heaven, suspended in time
yet compassion in us visits all around, thus is tao, thus is wisdom
thus is the health of all things
friend we go on forever, we are like water the spirits
it rains love its all changing im gone
love its all gone no words can hold but they all run forth
i am the river, the cow and the endless phenonemon
give me rest awaken me from the wheel of doing
how does this come about?

through really loving, love draws us to the center where all action is immediately alleviated, where there is spring and within the moments all the seasons, or the realm of whatever season we like, and within all people, plants and things of the world we resonate and build energetic planes with these vibrations

who knows what love is? endlessly love is a teacher
in whatever forms in a thousand form
in every form it will come endless
is the lesson and more blissful and fruitful at every turn
i have truly found the meaning of life
and existence even in its unreality
there is justice and love does not corrupt this practice
is the fruit of every practice
is the true fruit, which is what we eat, what nourishes us and all things, the most important energy healthiest and most universal and efficient fuel,
saver of lives healer of wounds, bringer of peace and new joys
revealer of mysteries, creator of life, self
we are love, everything is love
that is the true original and eternal nature of being
love sulos, adawapayo is the outburst of love is it a tree or fountain are they planets or strange dancing rivers molecules in a celestial sea
we are just bacteria deep in some ocean
yet the spirits are here just the same
speaking the same truths, the mystic passes through all the realms, and knows them deeply as the tree, reveals, in its growing, and the knowledge of the ancients, so this is why these images appear
and the world as it does, its a mandala, from long ago, so much forgotten and to rise
awareness the devas dakinis dance through it, we are like cores stones but astrally we are many things we can change the shape of our bodies and energy flow and become fluid in definitions seeing simply the vibration and imagination dreaming offering to the gods,
this is all that life is, everything is crazy, the wise say let it be crazy, there are mysterious workings in it all, if the humor does what it will, and it shall, like the rays of the day pour over every hill and everywhere, with the dawn, that daily awakening, in a small circle,
the tao, merely symbolic but still happening
maybe signifying some happening elsewhere
meditating on increasing and increasing smallness
behold the bounty of all things
the magic of the fairies, we share with all
in the cannabis nation, the mushroom nations, tree nations of all kinds, grass and flower nations, hippie nations, stoner nations, anarchist nations, meditation nations, waiting at the train station, i had one leaf and a bottle of air, the river nations and fish nations, came with their fish tunes, we live with all reality in harmony, nature is bestowing us and we nature, such great truth, know a place anywhere cross the horizon points the rake or the branch or whatever it was branching out and then the lights the stars the candles, the crashing trains, all in peace, all in harmony, oh now this is just crazy talk man, for there are only places, and all places are here, i dont know why i write, i just want people to see, and hear this message, the message of wanti, this was my purpose, and so i look through my life, my message runs clear like a river, grows like a tree, what is it? it is something of the soul, so that can't exactly be said in an instant, like the Goddess takes all the seasons to truly comprehend, passing through everything, travelling revelling, the plants gathering and nature magic strong,
like the original wooded ones,
like the great deer
celery love
history mystery
the spirit
goes in every way, when you just lose yourself in something
exercising, its beautiful, its love
its amazing hearing the air move, and breathing, feeling your body move, feeling infinity, on the edge, me and you, the seen and unseen, self and other.
they are one, all these things are one energy again and again he bursts up there with this, yet how true it is, is he not that same energy, in all the ways it comes through, what is this, this yoga
i still surprise myself sometimes, which is good, i dont know anything probably less than most funny how confused i am, on the outside but at the core, i am focused, i love the goddess with the all of me, and these are the transformations, life is so beautiful, everything always changes, every part of everything, goes into this, which is already a piece of it all.
thats all it is there are in truth no forms
getting over forms is the entire meaning of the way
they say they tree of life is everywhere
lately flo and i are close in our talks through life we travel our two spirit adventure band is the stuff of legend yet the Gods are there, they are the ones preventing anything from happening, the garlic mustard says, i ricochet to the highest branch of a nearby tree and fall in centimenters slowly and spiralling gracefully dipping up and down.

i am not myself i am everything thats every been its all spilling through me and all the people just take it in strange ways and it comes again and around and everything comes back in some form its so simple but so true, its good to appreciate this and we see its ourselves cycling through, we know it all already, its that familiar they all ring up like an eternal chorus, sweeping through everything with intention with spirit, the language, shapeless language, deep inside the shamans speak it, this is we, love is a high branch and a low wing to follow, learn to fly, keep dreaming and never give up, i'll always love you, you inspire me i burst with joy, the earth is growing, it means something, heaven life peace growth shakti, is hear amidst with christ, in every seed, growing, wild, within it all ancient as the first day and the blessed are our random wallopings and thinkings, through which God comes flying and the great existence, the Yomo says that all things are manna ever dissolving in the translator of the heart into the sacred lights, the angels read, when it come to earth it joins with a firmness a realness a lovingness, a spirit, earth is a spirit, the manifestation of the mother, Goddess who is the silent one, but much loved and needed, for her nurturing care and compassion bring great peace, and settle much, everywhere the truth, the spirit comes and dwells equally teaching through all the happenings,be just the listener, the one lived through and be wise react never lose the self all medicines come together, all worlds to one plane wanti, wakan tanka and the faery realms of naola, heaven, hell, all one place? all one place, all one being, all one ocean,I was that ocean, the largeness the breathe, the yin and yang, I was sex but even more than that, more unnameable, more pointless, yet somehow more integral from a part of the self we don't talk about, so its alone we go as the spirit of sexuality, i live this life everyday, going forth, bestowing love and vibes, wanti priestess digging it, the magic had found a new peak at this point, and again they sprang up and again harmony set through, cha
for it was the yomo's wisdom and harmony, it was the self finding the self again in the self
it is the moment, climbing a staircase of musical strings
you elfwort song, intertwined among the trees we are and jumping through ah the ways of the astral sea, surfing in arlifandel the field of the real, long walks on the beach,
nature spells, working with flowers, calling from nature, calling from nature
jumped in gracefully, grooving leaves are so great, why have branches been cut?
as sexuality grows we see we must respect our bodies and ourselves, and the great thing is the moment is ever new, we can always change our image of ourselves, especially with the blessed cannabis, the yomo explained that cannabis was bestowed upon this planet for the grooviness which had transpired and made the cows and the trees and the ancients so happy, just chilling and basking in one love, the unity of all energies, digging that in themselves and it all, it was two sides of the same spirit, and it needed no heralding or appreciation, it simply lived, these two sides were actually deeply in love and resonant with eachother, making complete all things held together by something we can't understand but all feel intuitively in the things which keep us together, shiva and shakti, yomo and yaveyetta, agni and soma, dana and dagda, jah and sophia, even just by remembering their names we open up a channel and connection to them and the virtue they represent, what does this have to do with living life?
everything because by meditating and seeing all thoroughly as ego entrenched delusions of the psyche and having compassion for their arisal and joy at their true emptiness we can fully without distraction set upon the path of dharma in a selfless manner.
"I" don't believe they understood my humor when I said I had schizophrenia, which we all share
"schizophrenia is a spontaneous ritualistic healing dance of my people"
said the deer, and the cutters left the trees alone after that in the forests and elsewhere
trees were holy, the same as our towns, but they just slip themselves in and become part of the ecosystem
they have a poem for us a message and they speak wait until the plants begin to speak
then the spirits are really there, there is not much that can't be done, the earth is a resonator crystal, it is so infinite, teaching in ways we do not realize, for each of us, giving the space, the room we need, trust the universe, things are getting better all the time,
the parts we dont see of everything is a beautiful realm, unseen, WE MUST MAKE LOVE TO OUR WRITING

words are fickle

distractions, squiggles, qualities, friends, gods; the words
be yourself, overcome peerpressure :), I love the Sun

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Re: One Day This Place Will Be a Great Forest

Post by deepwater » 13 Mar 2014, 22:35

WoW,,I have been there,, :bordeaux: moss covered rock ferns all around damp cliff at my side and the Grove whispering in my mind
Through my eyes you still see,, Through my heart you still live ,, For as long as i have breath you will sing,,Thanks Mom


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