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Anglesey druid order and Cae Braint nature reserve

Posted: 07 May 2013, 20:38
by Sanas Cuain
Cae Braint, meaning “Braint’s field/pasture” is the home of the Anglesey Druid Order. It consists of just over six and half acres of reclaimed marshland on the south western corner of the island. The sacred Afon Braint (River Braint) runs parallel to the land and feeds its rivers and lake. Named after the ancient Celtic Goddess Braint, the river runs from the east of Anglesey to the extreme west, becoming tidal at the giant stepping stones of Rhydd Gaer (The Blood Fort).

Inspired by a vision the owners of Cae Braint issued the Anglesey Druid Order exclusive rights in perpetuity to use the land for spiritual practise and religious observation. The site was the former ‘Bird World’ tourist attraction which ceased operation nearly 7 years ago. The Order and its friends are currently restoring the land to a nature reserve that will benefit wildlife, the local community and the observations of the Order.

Cae Braint Restoration Project
We are currently removing the old structures that dot the land from the former tourist attraction and in the process we will be creating a grove among the copse of trees to the north of the site. In the centre of the main grassy section a circle of stones will be constructed in line with plans by the Anglesey Bard Wil Ifan O Fon, whose documents are now held at the Anglesey Archives. This circle will focus as a space where the ancestors and our connections through heritage and culture will be honoured and celebrated.

To the North West of the circle we are constructing a mound which will be the focus of a shrine to Branwen, our local Goddess. Branwen’s totem animal is the starling and she can be identified as the Goddess of Birds. This mound will be a shrine to Branwen and to the memory of the birds that lost their lives during its time as ‘Bird World’. The remains that we have found during clearing the site will be interred within the mound.

Cae Braint will serve to host the rituals and workshops of the Order and be a place of celebration, teaching and information. It is an ongoing project and you will be able to follow its progress on these pages. If you would like to visit Cae Braint, please send a request by using our contact form on the ADO website.

You can see a rough outline of the Orders development plan for the land.

If you would like to donate to the Cae Braint Projects please contact the treasure at for BACS transfer details or address to post cheques.

Re: Anglesey druid order and Cae Braint nature reserve

Posted: 07 May 2013, 21:10
by Heddwen
It sounds like a fantastic project, I would love to visit north Wales again soon this summer. One day soon I will make it up to Anglesey. Good luck with the restoration project.

Re: Anglesey druid order and Cae Braint nature reserve

Posted: 08 May 2013, 09:26
by skydove
The members and friends of ADO have worked incredibly hard last year and over the winter starting from scratch on this very much unloved and neglected piece of land, they have great vision and sense of purpose and it is a type of project I'm sure many fellow druids would have like to be involved with in their own area given the chance. How many times do a group of druids come together to say wouldn't it be great if we had a piece of land where we could meet, hold our rituals, be in touch with the land around us and develop our spirituality? These guys are starting to make it happen but it is a tough thing to achieve even so.
This is Ynys Mon folks, the sacred Isle of Mona, Anglesey, the place where it all happened, the last outpost where the druids of Britain stood against the great to be able to have once again a physical druid centre there after all these many hundreds of years of supression. If you were planning your own druid centre think about what you would need - the spiritual side and the infrastructure to support it and how much it would all cost, it's scary. If you can help them out with any donation however small, it would be a great help.