Links to herb-oriented websites

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Links to herb-oriented websites

Postby Selene » 28 Nov 2015, 00:56

Here are some websites devoted to or tangentially involved with herbs:
Herb Society of America (Facebook page)
Learning Herbs (Facebook page)
Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine (Facebook page)
Mother Earth News (search for "herbs") (Facebook page)

Please add any you know of to this thread so we can build a resource for those of us interested in growing and using herbs!
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Re: Links to herb-oriented websites

Postby Áine » 31 Dec 2015, 21:29

Many thanks for these links Selene :daisy:

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Re: Links to herb-oriented websites

Postby winterfire » 31 Dec 2015, 23:18

Thank you!

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