New OBOD video on YouTube

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New OBOD video on YouTube

Post by Selene » 18 Jan 2011, 22:51

For any who haven't seen the latest OBOD newsletter, I wanted to share this news about a new "Introduction to OBOD" video that's now available through YouTube:
Philip wrote:Last year we asked ourselves the question: Would it be possible to capture on film some of the magic that we experience as members of a Druid group? I wasn’t sure we could do it, but an old friend and film-maker, Kevin Redpath, came along to our summer solstice celebration in Glastonbury and then to our Lughnasadh camp near the White Horse in July, and he has created an 8 minute film that I think really does capture the essence of what we are about. Have a look and see what you think! A big thank you to Kevin and all those who participated in the film – it makes me feel so proud to be associated with such fantastic people!
So please take a look, everyone, and share with anyone who'd be interested!
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Re: New OBOD video on YouTube

Post by Twig » 19 Jan 2011, 07:16

Wow, that's a great video, Selene. Thanks for posting it...I've often wondered what went on at gatherings, and that brought it all home. I forwarded it to a like-minded friend in Santa Fe.
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Re: New OBOD video on YouTube

Post by Delian » 19 Jan 2011, 17:12

Thanks it was pretty nice!

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Re: New OBOD video on YouTube

Post by Attila » 26 Jan 2011, 00:18

Nice video.

I liked the song, I was getting a similar vibe listening to the cults, 'brother wolf; sister moon' the other day :)
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