Earth energies, energy fields, power spots

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Earth energies, energy fields, power spots

Post by druidinthemist » 16 Nov 2014, 01:54

hi i had a space inmy back yard i used to go and lie in to get recharged. i was to find out years later that i had discovered a power spot. i am looking for any information on earth energies, energy fields, power spots and whether these are permanent or move about. thanks, curious, jim

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Re: Earth energies, energy fields, power spots

Post by Dathi » 16 Nov 2014, 23:12

You might visit The Hedge Druid Used to be very active around these parts and has plenty of useful insights on such matters.

Seminar. September 2010: African Druids? Sangomas, Inyangas ... =2&t=36777

2011 LI
Seminar. October 2012: Druids & Bushcraft viewtopic.php?f=326&t=41256


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