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Postby Fil.F. » 30 Jan 2015, 05:36

Be Thou My Vision
Arguably the most famous Irish hymn is Be Thou My Vision. Words are at­trib­ut­ed to Dal­lan For­gaill from the 8th Cen­tu­ry; trans­lat­ed from an­cient Ir­ish to Eng­lish by Ma­ry E. Byrne, in “Eriú,” Jour­nal of the School of Ir­ish Learn­ing, 1905, and versed by El­ea­nor H. Hull in 1912. Melody is Slane, of Ir­ish folk or­i­gin. It's named after Slane Hill where in 433 AD St. Patrick lit a fire in honor of Easter and in defiance of High King Lo­gaire's decree that noone should light fires before his pagan holiday was celebrate. Lo­gaire was so im­pressed by Pat­rick’s de­vo­tion that, de­spite his de­fi­ance (or per­haps be­cause of it­), he let him con­tin­ue his mis­sion­ary work. This is my favorite hymn because the melody is not only beautiful but the words are such a beautiful prayer!

Verse 1:
Be Thou my Vision, O Lord of my heart;
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art.
Thou my best Thought, by day or by night,
Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light.

http://old-fashionedcharm.blogspot.com. ... hymns.html

Someone knows ancient pagan hymns (to gods or heroes) in this metric system?
Please insert them here, by link, transcription...etc. I can't find no more in the net,
as example the famous bardic hymns to Brighit.

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Re: Hymns

Postby Fil.F. » 31 Jan 2015, 01:35

It's was I think too...but at some time ago I saw a perfect homenage in this system of metric
translated from gaelic language and attirbuted to a bard chaint to Brighit .

Today, searching more a few I find the in the "Goidelica: Old and early-middle-irish glosses, verse and prose"
The Broccan's hymns to praise of Brighit, thats reflects the transiction between the pagan faith and the new faith.
And so, the christian period hymns in the "Irish liber hymnorum".

The hymns was writed in quarttets, that is the basic mode for rhime and prose in the gaelic. The Broccan's hymn
related here was writed in prose, this way I will continue searching for rhimes...

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Re: Hymns

Postby kresta » 31 Jan 2015, 03:28

The Carmina Cadelica has got several prayers to Brighit, if you read it in the original language they rime and have a very clear metric system.
Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see,
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Re: Hymns

Postby Fil.F. » 01 Feb 2015, 00:35


I have the Carmina Gadelica in pdf, but the metric structure of the verses is not the same.
no properly hymns in the context, but prayers and blessings. According to the Auracept index
there are various modes to rhime in a "quatrain", a poem with four verses. For this reason
I want find these hymns, to identify these modes of rhime in the traditional litterature.
It's the basic mode to give a homenage to a god, hero or hystoric person. The technical celtic
base for pronuciate verses is five words to each breath pause, and this is found in the Auracept
with some few examples.

The magic in the lithurgy, to starts the sacred fires (magic and physical) with the voice and
poetry in homenage or tribute to the ocasion divinity, it's around the knowlege about. Is cliche
in the cinema and movies start fire by magic, and too in the religion tradition like the cerimony of
the sacred fire in Jerusalem- Israel, by the orthodoxy christians in the holy sepuchre church.

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