Crossing Over

In the Druid tradition, each of the great “rites of passage” is marked in the calendar by one of the fire-festivals: death, or Parting, is marked by Samhuinn, 31 October to 2 November, when the old Celtic year ends and there are three days of No-Time before the new year begins. Birth, and consequently Naming, is marked by Imbolc on 1/2 February—the time when the snowdrops appear and we can sense the first stirrings of spring. Mating, the Great Rite of making love, is marked by Bealteinne on 1 May, when the forces of spring are in full flood. Marriage, the formal recognition of having found a long term partner after the explorations of the spring time of one's life, is marked by Lughnasadh on 1 August. This forum is for discussing the ceremonies and customs associated with each festival and for all of the rites of passage in our lives.
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Crossing Over

Postby Woodfox » 04 Jan 2012, 10:57

Can I just ask, is there anything else that can be done to help a person who has not yet died but very likely will? Aside from praying for strength for a person, and for telling them that if they need to cross over that it's ok, or if they can see the loved ones on the other side that they're waiting for them etc., as these have already been done.

(Not for me, btw, this is a friend who's brother is very young and dying of cancer.)

Thank you.
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Re: Crossing Over

Postby mark the compost elf » 04 Jan 2012, 13:46

I personally think the best thing that can be done after those that you have mentioned, is to simply sit and talk with the dying person - do they have any feelings they would like to explore? fears? hopes? wishes? In this you would be fufilling one of the key roles of any priest hood, that of comfort and of helping another to come to terms with not only thier own mortality, bu, also their selves as a whole. If death is certain, then helping a person to know themself can be a way of reducing their suffering, a way of helping them to see peace and perhaps to reach the next step with a little more joy, or at least less trepidation, in their hearts. If the person is close to death, but not yet stepping over the threshold, then this kind of help can sometimes give them something to live for, knowing yourself ggives you a weapon and potentially a strategy to use in winning a battle against illness.

The only other thing i could reccomend is the act of soul joining, a potentially dangerous act and definately not something to take lightly. In essence you sit by your friend, and perfom a light body exercise, finished by inverting the light so that it becomes a dark shadow, in this you temporarily become an attractive force for the souls of those around you. If you are lucky, or well practised you can then 'link' with your friend (at the same moment being careful to form yourself again in to a light body (an energy expressive as appose to an absorbing body). from here, you must see where the link takes you. You may share memories, thoughts and emotions. This can be a very disturbing experience for some and, without proper explanation, a damaging one for the weaker of the pair. In some cases you will see the cancer or illness as a differnt kind of energy wihin the ill persons body and you could at this point attemt to transform this energy back in to the 'normal' energy of the rest of the person.
Un-linking can be trickier, you need to hold on to a sense of the self throughout the working and be able to filter the pieces back in to the right bodies. At a deep level, all is connected and you should take note of the level of connection you achieved when you first linked and attempt to return to this level of separation. If you are considering this, it would be wise to attempt it with a willing partner first who is familiar with the basics of druidry / similar spiritual practises. I would also reccommend approaching this using a ritual format, invoke the elements, a deity of your choice (or spirit etc) and asking for guidance to help with the intracacies.

I hope they heal well, or pass without regrets.
From decay comes growth, fungal or otherwise. All stages of death are filled with life and life to be. Creation is made up of ugly beauty that is gorgeous to those who can feel as well as they can see.

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Re: Crossing Over

Postby fulbert-avebury » 04 Jan 2012, 20:42

I am very sorry for you and your friend, these are never easy things as everybody experiences crossing over in different ways.

Are there any opportunities for Hospice Care in that area, as people who do that also offer services and support for those who are caregivers as well. I do not know enough about this, though do understand it is an area that is growing in respect and sophistication when it comes to analyzing the needs of what to say and how to help in these situations.


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