Handfasting Survey

In the Druid tradition, each of the great “rites of passage” is marked in the calendar by one of the fire-festivals: death, or Parting, is marked by Samhuinn, 31 October to 2 November, when the old Celtic year ends and there are three days of No-Time before the new year begins. Birth, and consequently Naming, is marked by Imbolc on 1/2 February—the time when the snowdrops appear and we can sense the first stirrings of spring. Mating, the Great Rite of making love, is marked by Bealteinne on 1 May, when the forces of spring are in full flood. Marriage, the formal recognition of having found a long term partner after the explorations of the spring time of one's life, is marked by Lughnasadh on 1 August. This forum is for discussing the ceremonies and customs associated with each festival and for all of the rites of passage in our lives.
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Handfasting Survey

Post by dream soul » 08 Nov 2012, 12:39

Hi all, I was just wondering if some of you would mind filling in my survey on Handfasting? It's for a project for Uni. for my second year, and the module is based on traditions, customs and beliefs. In a way it's also good research for the future, although I remain single right now, should the right man walk into my life, I'd love to have a handfasting :daisy:

Here is the link, http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BCFCF2Y

Blessings to all, and many thanks! :curtsey:
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