The Souls Departure and Return

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The Souls Departure and Return

Postby poleflux » 22 Sep 2010, 20:32

Eyes wide open, darkness surrounds you. A feeling that you are not alone, you are safe, you are home. Around you are pin-points of distant lights, stars. You are not cold, or hot. You are not hungry or scared. The feeling of being held in palm of unseen hands, wrapped within a bubble of the afterlife, stopped for rememberence of who you are and who you have left behind. You are not lonely, longing, or sad. You have left all attachments of the physical experience behind, there is no pain here, only memory. You remember your human body and feel as though you are still seeing and thinking with the human mind and sight. You feel yourself stretch your arms and hands out in front of you as if to see yourself again, there is nothing, only the feeling and the memory. This does not frighten you, it feels curious but natural as if this is how you have always been beneath the optical illusions of life and its preceived reality. With this final experience of detachment with your body comes the re-birth of the soul, of light and dark in the heavens where you have always been, you can see, you can think, you remember.

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