Man's Greatest Weapons

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Man's Greatest Weapons

Postby Myrde » 20 May 2011, 18:22

Note: Huge massive rant ahead. This is me blowing off some serious stem. Do not take offense or assume it's a call "to action" or whatever.

I just got my monthly National Geographic in the mail. I've been a huge reader of NG ever since I was little, and have expanded my collection to every issue since 1945 and a few sparse issues from 1944 and 42. Irregardless of, this monthys issues seemed exciting "The Birth of Religion" (I highly suggest reading the article. Tis an endearing poke at Atheists, for it kinda shows how religion gave birth to society instead of the other way around). But Im not here to talk about that.

Now, I'm a guy. A young guy (once again, my annoying self-title of "Youngest Druid here" rings loudly in my ear). But I've always had alot of paternal instinct. I seriously want to be a dad and have a family. Anyone who knows me often knows that my "Daddy Meter" sometimes flares up. :oops: Don't worry, I'm single, never have had sexual relations. No worry of me "screwing" (hate this term) up my life with a family. But its just part of my personality and who I am. ... ney-text/2
The Secrete Child Brides

So when I saw this in yesterday's issue, my stomach churned. Ive found the online copy and posted it here for you all to view. I highly suggest you do.

But there was one thing... that made my blood absolutely boil...
"If there were any danger in early marriage, Allah would have forbidden it," a Yemeni member of parliament named Mohammed Al-Hamzi told me in the capital city of Sanaa one day. "Something that Allah himself did not forbid, we cannot forbid." Al-Hamzi, a religious conservative, is vigorously opposed to the legislative efforts in Yemen to prohibit marriage for girls below a certain age (17, in a recent version), and so far those efforts have met with failure. Islam does not permit marital relations before a girl is physically ready, he said, but the Holy Koran contains no specific age restrictions and so these matters are properly the province of family and religious guidance, not national law. Besides, there is the matter of the Prophet Muhammad's beloved Ayesha—nine years old, according to the conventional account, when the marriage was consummated.
I have read both the Koran and Bible extensively, both as a piece of scripture, literature, and research. Both are sources of intriguing myths and stories, and in many cases beautiful poetry. Both books... attempt to preach peace and understanding. And I bear no ill will or disrespect to those do follow the true meaning and message behind them. Those are the words of a conservative religious sicko. As its later stated-
Other Yemeni Muslims invoked for me the scholarly argument that Ayesha was actually older when she had marital relations—perhaps a teenager, perhaps 20 or more. In any case her precise age is irrelevant, they would add firmly; any modern-day man demanding marriage with a young girl dishonors the faith.
And I agree to an extent. I for one believe i nthe concept of young love, provided the love is actually there. Its kinda clear if its just hormones working. But the concept of a young, willing, loving marriage doesnt both me. Our bodies havent caught up with societies standards have set. Teenagers were considered adults, and did marry each other young; life spans were alot shorter! However, the idea that any young girl would be forced into a marriage, at such unbelievable ages, and then to men far above their age... it first makes the blood in my veins turn to ice and the boil into lava. This is extreme, absurd, and sadly, frequent.

But lately... I've wished that those books... the Torah, Bible, and Koran were never written. If I could will it, I would have erased those three books from the annals of history. Though they try to preach love, there is so much hate in them. The blood of the innocent was used as ink for all three. From my perspective, as limited and inexperienced as it is... more blood has spilt, more sorrow and pain and agony and absolute hate has been caused by those books over the ages then gun or bomb we have ever produced in our day and age.

Their meanings are beautiful and admirable. But there are words in those books which have caused so much endless pain. Last night, I spent all night thinking in my head, for the Bible alone, which pages I would rip out and burn to ash, and which ones I would keep. Some Druid-Christians here would be shocked at the thought of burning a bible; other might accuse me of being an inexperienced boy whose, again, decided to dabble with the occult to rebel and think he's cool.

To that I say; "Do we need the story of how Eve is to be blamed for all of man's trouble? What of Soddom and Gammora, and the innocents burned to ash. What of the rules and regulations of how a slave should be bought, sold, and treated? How those who do not follow the one true God should be put to the sword or exiled? How an woman who cheats on her husband should be stoned, but the man excused?" should we keep those tales? Should we admire them? Follow their message?

Do we need all of that hate? As I began to think of it, I realised just how much hate that book was filled with. And even the Koran. How few of those pages would remain after I was done stripping all of the hate, and sorrow, and anger from those pages. How thin that book, both books, would be. How terrfying it is that the core and meaning of those books, and the entire faith, is held within such few pages. And how those pages are ignored so frequently, and the hate is used a weapon. As a means to an end. As an excuse to rape a poor little girl.

I have a problem in which I sometimes forget that the people in the world are not as intelligent or understanding as you or me. Sometimes, especialy me. The world is not viewed the same way, nor do people have access to all the information that I do. Nor can they process it as indepth as I do. But... how can there be such ignorance? Such hate? Such closed mined ignorance? How can people be so blind?
"If there were any danger in early marriage, Allah would have forbidden it," / "Something that Allah himself did not forbid, we cannot forbid."

How can people not understand that they are words in a book written by a man. Not passed down by God. How could you even allow a God to warrent this? Not just this scenario, but any act that was "committed in God's name/permission/approval."

It's not my place to tell the full story of why I'm a Druid. No need for useless drama. My parents are increadibly loving, and they did NOT impart what I use to believe. That was not their doing. They are not extremists and are very mellow, understanding, and loving and caring people who left the religious education of their children to the Church and to our own decisions. When I speak of bitterness of faith in my past, it was my own doing and my own absorbtion. My own depravity.

I turned my back on Christianity. I have no regrets. No inkling of doubt anymore. Not after last night. The core meaning of the Bible I will always believe in and follow. The few, scattered, random parts that preach love, understanding, and beneavolence.

The rest of it needs to be burned and it's ashes scattered to the wind.


PS. I do apologize to anyone reading this, if you were offended. I was increadibly emotional while i was writing this, due to my personal nature, past, and the nature of the subject. This is not meant to bash Christians, Muslims, or any persons of any faith. Actually, it is. I have the full intent to bash those who their faith as a shield for sickening and immoral acts. I apologize if this is an inappropriate place to write this. But you have no idea how badly I needed to get this off my chest, and just somebody, anybody, to listen to me for once. In part, I guess Im looking for criticims against what I just said, since I am very inexperienced. I will accept any punishment or consequences for what I have just wrote without complaint. Blessed Be, everyone.

PPS. Tommorow's the 21st, and supposedly doomsday according to some nutjobs. If the world somehow DOES end tommorow, and the God that's preached IS how they percieve him and the Bible/Torah/Koran is 100% right, then heres the game plan-- When I meet Him, I intend to flip him off and tell him off. Hopefully, that'll be enough to get sent to Hell. At which point, I intend to take over Hell, and wage war against Heaven. Because if that's the kind of God that exists, He doesn't belong within those pearly gates.
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Muddy Fox

Re: Man's Greatest Weapons

Postby Muddy Fox » 20 May 2011, 22:17

Hmmmm, I don't know what it is about insincere, fake posts and posters, bugger this my A on my keyboard is not depressing, tht is so bloody annoying.
Myrde whoever you re I wish you well, but knowing young people, young intelligent people, you re not relly very convincing, the wool is not pulled over my eyes. I might get into debate, there it's working, the A key, on scred text nd interpretion t some point, but I think we, you nd society hs gone fr nd beyond such discussion. In nutshell, people can't be arsed, as long s all is hunky dory in their own lives they will not trawl through scred and holy texts looking for the mening of life. So ny attempt to demonise or denigrte followers of religions and scred texts is wste of time when 90 percent do not cre bout such things. nywy I don't know ny nswers to these issues.

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Re: Man's Greatest Weapons

Postby DJ Droood » 20 May 2011, 22:56

there it's working

not relly
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Re: Man's Greatest Weapons

Postby Myrde » 20 May 2011, 23:33

Ugh, believe me, I wasnt trying to convince anyone. All this thing was was one big LOOONG rant and fume that I needed to do so badly. It was like the equivalent of me screaming or having a good cry about something.

No ends, just me blowing some steam off. Thats all. Im just glad its finally out my head, thats all. *shrugs* Situation was touchy. Thanks for listening to the rant, you'll get your psychiatrist payment for the hour at the end of the week. :D

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Re: Man's Greatest Weapons

Postby Huathe » 21 May 2011, 06:24


First off, you have not offended me in any way. I have wondered on many of the things you speak of. Why war, rape and gross injustices are allowed in this world. All the suffering, especially little children. And of all the war in the name of God both in the Bible and today. It has been a topic of discussion between my father and I and a close friend of mine for years. I wish I had an answer. I have opinions on some things but they are some that are beyond my understanding. I try to focus on those good pages and the love of God that you mention of and not let those bad atrocities and what I do not understand stand in the way of my faith. But this is not always easy. I have some questions with no real answers.

A Jehovah's Witness elder told me once. " when sin is eradicated from this world in God's New Order than all will return to perfection. No more war and violence. No more gross injustices. Nature and humankind will prosper. What is happening now is a result of sin and man's separation from God. Man's disobedience is the cause. Not God. Man reaps what he has sown. "

When I first read your post I got all teary-eyed. I could feel your emotion. I was reading it on my smartphone while on break at work and had to look down so my oblivious co-workers would not notice my tears. When I got home I looked at and read the site you attached the link to, I cried. I have a hard time believing God would allow marriage and sex with underage girls, especially 5 year olds! I have a 14 year old daughter and could not ever even remotely imagining giving her to a man to marry. Much less one my age. A society which turns it's back on this is monstrous. The fathers and mothers who give their daughters up in this way are monsters. They should be shot!

Again, though I am a Christian Druid, I am not offended. May you find your path. :shake:
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