Ecological living verses the powers that be

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Ecological living verses the powers that be

Post by skydove » 17 Jun 2011, 11:56

Have a look at this one. ... shack.html

Poor chap, I feel so sorry for him and for a society that can't live and let live and has to play by rules without heart.
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Re: Ecological living verses the powers that be

Post by kukl » 17 Jun 2011, 19:38 ... -home.html Here's a link to the telegraphs' online report on this. lots of outraged responses. I doubt Mr Burgess is online, but hopefully he'll get to know that all right thinking people are appalled at the authorities treatment of him. Personally I'm a bit jealous of him, what a life.
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Re: Ecological living verses the powers that be

Post by Aitrus » 17 Jun 2011, 23:46

Reminds me of Dugout Dick, a local legend in my area. I sure hope he's enjoying the Summerlands. ... lasthermit ... he-loners/
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