New - qualities are partly stable

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New - qualities are partly stable

Post by JamesNewell » 26 Feb 2014, 17:14

This new line of research came into my awareness when I woke up early this morning, just after I remembered dreaming about a rising flood, and then remembering that I've have had similar flood dreams in the past. This is an example of how illumination works. Remembering the similar flood dreams triggered the emergence of the new line of research idea, involving qualities being partly stable.

Now, not all illuminations turn out to be true. Some are and some aren't. Therefore, I need to ask you all to carry on the research, or arrange for it to be carried on, if this hasn't come to a conclusion before I die. Depending on how well I recover from yesterday, I might die in a few days, or I might live another couple of years. It's hard to predict, because living in America with her private business health care system, I have no practical access to medical care. That is to say, if I go in, they will charge me everything I have, and then I will be homeless on the streets. A special point is that you shouldn't allow the health care corporations to talk the UK and other countries with universal health care systems, into replacing your universal health care systems with an American type private business health care system.

What words to use is a bit of a problem here. I think I will use "quality of a quality" for the part of a quality which is constant. For example, scattered through a painting, a landscape, the decorations of a room, or so forth, you might see several patches of cadmium red. The cadmium redness which you see and which is the same in all the patches, is the quality of a quality. Other aspects of the patches vary, however, such as the size of the patches and the brightness of the patches. Those thing that vary are not the quality of the quality.

Now, what could be causing something which is partly constant and partly variable?

At the moment, the two possibilities seem to be some kind of "atoms" of the quality of the quality, or an intersection with a quality of the quality dimension.

A problem with first possibility is that we don't see atomlike units. However, perhaps there are a number of units but they are so crowded together that the boundaries are too thin for us to notice. Another problem is that it is difficult to see how the large number of different "atoms" of a quality of a quality could all be floating around waiting to be picked up and used to form patches, without being able to see the "atoms" not being used, and not seeing them being moved into place. However, we could probably model a consciousness that picked out individual "atoms" to use, while keeping the unused atoms and the process hidden. Physical atoms and atomic particles remain approximately the same in size. For an oxygen atom, for example, if some electrons jump to a different orbit, size will change a little, but not very much. Whether or not a proton changes size noticeably, I don't know.

The alternative, at the moment, would be a quality dimension, such as a cadmium red dimension, which perhaps varied in brightness, which the entire image would intersect where the patches are. That hypothesis would also require consciousness to be doing something very complex, because the image would have to have a very convoluted under-pattern in order to intersect a number of different dimensions in different places. Then, either most dimensions involved with a single image would have to be set to zero brightness, or a more radical possibility would be that the dimensions variably intersect one another, rather than being like space-time where the same space-time dimensions are at all points.

Further research would be both refining the details of the above, and looking for additional details to add.



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