Dark Energy seems to violate conservation

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Dark Energy seems to violate conservation

Post by JamesNewell » 07 Mar 2014, 21:57

Some of you probably know that it has been discovered that the speed of expansion of the universe has been observed to be increasing. The acceleration of expansion is occurring even against the pull of gravity of galaxies on one another. The energy which is causing the acceleration of expansion has been called Dark Energy and the amount of Dark Energy in the universe is being calculated at more than half of all energy/matter in the universe.

So if conservation were working, where is Dark Energy getting its energy? If it were drawing energy from other things in the galaxy, then we should observe physical objects decreasing very rapidly in mass, for example.

One possibility is that the observations of an increase in the speed of expansion of the universe are wrong. There really isn't such an expansion.

Another possibility is that Dark Energy is new energy somehow being made from nothing-at-all, or that Dark Energy is energy somehow being drawn in from outside the universe. In either case, that really upsets our understanding of the universe if true. It would also offer opportunities. If there is a way to draw energy from nothing, or from outside the universe, perhaps we could learn how to obtain energy that way, which would solve some of our most major problems.

There is also something to consider. Since consciousness and the brain exchange energy, physical energy in some cases affects consciousness. If that is the case, does Dark Energy affect consciousness too.



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