the Forehead Window method

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the Forehead Window method

Post by JamesNewell » 08 Mar 2014, 18:44

I've given this a name which I hope will keep it from being confused with another energy method. It might be OK to mix it with another method, or it might not.

The Forehead Window method is a method for obtaining answers to questions.

First, one formulates one's question into a single sentence with as few words as possible, but enough words to make sure the question is clearly stated.

Second, one repeats the sentence like a mantra. One can start saying it out loud, but soon, one turns it into something like what is called a secret mantra. A secret mantra is one repeated only inside one's head, without even moving the lips.

Third, one repeats the sentence in a secret mantra like way until it is flowing smoothly, without effort. Also, one should be able to understand the sentence non-verbally. By that is meant that one can stop saying the words for a moment, and still know what the meaning is. Once the sentence is being repeated in this way, one slowly and calmly pushes the repeating sentence to one's forehead, and then out through one's forehead into the space beyond.

Fourth, one then keeps repeating the sentence in the space beyond and outside ones forehead until it is flowing almost by itself. This doesn't take very long if one has repeated the sentence enough in the previous stage of repeating it inside ones head.

Fifth, not closing down the repeating sentence, one slowly turns ones attention to something else until one is no longer aware of the repeating sentence, and one continues on to do other things. Some years ago, when discussing this method on a message board with a Chaos witch in South Africa, she said that turning to something else in a similar way is the way she does her spells. A general method of turning away is something you might want to experiment with if you don't do it already.

An answer may just emerge into ones head at an unexpected time. If one is often not able to just drop what one is doing, one should keep a small notebook in a pocket or purse or sitting nearby when sleeping, so one can write down the idea which has emerged so as not to forget it, and then go back to what one was doing.

Sometimes, one might remember the question and feel something in the space beyond ones forehead. In that case, one should just sink into meditation and sort of pull for the answer from the space beyond ones forehead. If the answer is trying to emerge, it will rush towards one, slowly becoming more complete with its details, as it approaches.



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