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This is what I want

Posted: 09 Mar 2014, 18:26
by JamesNewell
Sometimes, I receive what I want, so I have decided to make a specific request of the higher level. An equivalent would be gratefully received if necessary.

I want a method which would enable anyone who wishes to transcend, within perhaps days or a little longer if absolutely necessary, to the higher level with an eternal choice of wonderful experiences, living in the field of consciousness so that one would never die, and more important, so ones friends and relatives would no longer die.

The method would consist of a series of images, both photographs and paintings. When a person viewed an image, a specific location would be pointed to and the person told to concentrate on that specific location for the amount of time needed to make a step towards transcendence. Then, another image would be shown with another specific location in the image concentrated on for the time needed for another step towards transcendence. This would be repeated until the individual had taken enough steps to transcend. The entire sequence would require as little time as possible.

This method could be given to some people other than myself if that is needed, given that my health is bad and I don't have much in resources to distribute such a method with its images.

At minimum this would provide room for animals to reincarnate as humans, from which point they could transcend. However, if possible, I would like the method to work directly with animals too, with the specific locations to look at being highlighted in some way they could respond to.