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Predictive dreams. Your thoughts pls?

Posted: 04 Jan 2015, 23:29
by Mmsgenta69
8 months or so ago I had a serious of 3 dreams which seemed to show the future. The things dreamed about were mundane but in each case, a couple of days later I found the contents of the dream taking place in every day life.

As you can imagine, this shook me up. My entire understanding of time being a linear thing was disturbed. My entire world view was shaken.

Since then I have devoted a lot of time to trying to work out exactly what was happening and what this means. This has been a mind expanding time. That quest has now brought me to OBOD which seems very much to make sense to me and I feel at home.

I am very interested to hear what people here think of my strange future predicting dreams and how this fits with druidry

Thank you x

Re: Predictive dreams. Your thoughts pls?

Posted: 05 Jan 2015, 15:15
by ShadowCat
There are many theories on time and it's fabric. I'm no way qualified to discern the feasable from the hokum so I won't even attempt it.

Just this thought though:
Even if you are walking a lineair path, it's only your feet that follow the path step by step. With your eyes you can look back and forward to what is to come. The physical travel and the (extra)sensory input during that voyage are two different things.

Re: Predictive dreams. Your thoughts pls?

Posted: 05 Jan 2015, 15:59
by DaRC
Atheist Druid
If dreams are the product of our subconscious mind working then predictive dreams suggest that subconsciously you had picked up on a number of clues or patterns of behaviour during your conscious day's activities. The predictive nature of your dreams suggests that your subconscious mind has been working through these clues and then coming up with a correct 'answer'; which is then borne out in reality.

My Druidic View
Within the transrational space that is part of our world you have been able to see something of the future patterns of working whilst you sleep. Within the Celtic lore the patterns of life are known as the 'Big Music' and all the threads of life can be interpreted as sounds or vibrations within the universe. In this respect some think that we are able to hear the Big Music when we sleep, sometimes due to a more conventional atheistic view (as above) and sometimes due to some otherworldly/unknown reason.
As I'm a more visually oriented person the Germanic view that the future (or wyrd) is woven by the 3 Norns (loosely translated as Past, Present and Future) resonates with me. This web of wyrd, I think, is why the Lady Frigga (Odin All-father's wife so she could be called the All-Mother) has spinning and weaving as her epithets. An individual life can be seen as an individual thread within the weft and warp of time & space. Their emotions or reactions to events (or Orlog) could be viewed as the colours of the thread which also forms the pattern.
Within this transrational space the magic of creative visualisation can work - bringing dreams to reality. Of course music and weaving have many things in common which is why I think that the Celtic & Germanic worldviews are the same it's just the explanation that differs.

Theist Druid
The gods have sent you clues to the future.

Re: Predictive dreams. Your thoughts pls?

Posted: 05 Jan 2015, 16:42
by Mmsgenta69
Thank you both for your excellent replies. Very much appreciated.
Thia has truly scrambled my head so its good to hear some thoughts on it.
Thank You