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Non-Celtic Deity from my past showing up

Posted: 17 Jul 2015, 14:02
by IvyMist
Hi everyone. When I first came to Paganism I had a great fondness for the Goddess Hecate , although I never dedicated myself to her, I worked with her often. After a few years she seemed to slowly slip out of my life as my spiritual path changed. I have since been following a Celtic pantheon (both because of my ancestry and because I have been deeply drawn to them). However, lately, it feels as if Hecate is calling out to me again and I feel drawn to set up an altar for her or include her on my ancestor altar.

My problem is I am not sure how to incorporate her into my practice. I wouldn't ever call on her and say Morrigan in ritual together (or any other Celtic deity for that matter). I am wondering if perhaps just setting up an altar, making offerings etc would suffice, for lack of a better word. Also, I have a room in my home that is my personal "sacred space". In it is where I have my shrines set up for Brigid, Morrigan, and Danu as well as a working altar. For some reason I don't feel as if I should put an altar to Hecate in that room although I'm not certain as to why I feel this way (perhaps all the teaching I got about not mixing pantheons & the trouble that could occur if you do). My ancestor altar is not in this room but is kept in my living room.

Does anyone else here work with Hecate & Celtic Gods & Goddesses? If so I'm interested to see how that works for you.

Re: Non-Celtic Deity from my past showing up

Posted: 17 Jul 2015, 19:17
by Aphritha
I don't know as if I'd say I worked with Hecate as she worked with me...I wasn't given so much of a choice. She had some things to say and I heard them.
I see no issue in creating an altar for her. If you feel it should be in a different room, go with that feeling. If you only want to make offerings as your devotion to her, do that. If you find later you want to honor her with a ritual, do that, too. Though mixing pantheons in a single ritual may not be the best idea, there isn't any rule stating you can't work with Brighid on Monday and Hecate on Thursday.
In my experience, Gods and Goddesses don't always respond to what pantheon we think we're working with. They kinda make themselves known as they please... I've had Ares show up while working in my sacred grove(which is supposed to be more of a Celtic thing), and Laima(of the Baltic pantheon) badger me in my dreams while working on the Bardic course. It seems that just because we may attempt to focus on a certain area of study(Celtic, Greek, Egyptian, etc), it doesn't mean all the deities will comply with that.
Best wishes on your journey with Hecate!

Re: Non-Celtic Deity from my past showing up

Posted: 17 Jul 2015, 20:30
by skepticskitchen
Why not put up an altar to Hecate? I have a statue of the Buddha in my garden. There is also a statue of St. Francis of Assisi in my shade garden watching over the birds and bees pollinating the place. I guess it all boils down to where YOU are on the immanence vs transcendence scale. I am more of an immanence person so I recognize the Gods in everything. From multiple pantheons including Christianity. I see everything as a single unbroken chain of consciousness from the primordial beginnings of single-cell organisms to the modern era. For me, putting up an altar of a non-Celtic God while practicing a Celtic philosophy does not form a paradox as Hecate (to me) is simply another archetype representing different aspects of the one reality. If you feel drawn to the Hecate archetype but deny it, you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

While I agree that invoking foreign Gods in a Celtic ceremony could quite possibly take away some of the power of the ritual, setting up an altar to here and occasionally making offerings to her doesn't take away from the power of or diminish your Celtic practice. I have a small chapel set up in an extra bedroom in my house which have numerous aspects of Deity represented from the Celtic pantheon and would not put any foreign Gods in there, I would easily put up an altar to a Catholic Saint in another space or in my garden like the St. Francis statue as it (in the end) simply represents another archetype of an immanent deity which permeates everything everywhere at all times.

Re: Non-Celtic Deity from my past showing up

Posted: 20 Jul 2015, 09:06
by illion
I would have gone with my gut feeling if I were you :wink:

I went through a period where I worked with Brighid, but after a while Frigg came calling on me. I tried to avoid her, tried not to be distracted by her, felt that she was interfering with my work, but she kept calling. I couldn't not listen to her, and she taught me valuable lessons.

There have been times I've felt the urge to work with Lugh and also Ogma. Celtic and Norse hand in hand, and I don't know how or why, but I try not to rationalize. I think they are trying to tell me what deities are made up of? They've all made me think...