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Dreams Of Mine

Posted: 31 Aug 2015, 15:59
by GrayFire
The following is a actual sleeping dream that I had around February or March of 2010. Some images in the dream were clear and some details were not so clear....

It was night time and it was outside and there were a lot of people around. I could see thick woods in the distance and a more open area in front of the woods where there were only a few trees. There was one certain really tall tree, but I am not sure what kind it was, it was not an oak and not a pine either, but the lower part was a bare trunk like pine trees have and the branches did not start until much higher up like pine trees are. The trunk also was not a huge trunk around, not exactly super skinny but not like a huge oak tree has either.

There was something kind of like a spiral walkway built winding around the the whole trunk but it was not actual stairs though, more like a smooth walkway but made out of packed mud. Finally it reached a circular platform around the tree and the platform was covered with loose, not packed dirt. Myself and a lot of people were walking up to it to do a ritual of some sort. When we all got to the platform, we all lied down on our stomachs around the tree in the loose dirt with our faces in the dirt and our hands all joined. Our hands were not actually joined with our fingers inter-lacing though, and our palms were not joined either. We all had our hands with our palms on the loose dirt and our fingers spread out, so that one persons' pinky on their right hand would touch the pinky of the left hand of the person to their right and it followed that pattern all the way around the platform.

We were all saying something, like chants or something, and unfortunately the details of what we were saying were not clear. But I knew in the dream that we were calling some sort of Spirits and I could feel the Spirits coming from out of the woods and getting closer to us, my whole body started feeling like electricity running through my veins. I knew that we had to all lay there still and not freak out or else the Spirits would harm us, but if we stayed still and calm, then they would bless and accept us. It felt as though They were testing us to see if we could truly handle the power from them, if we could be in their presence and keep our strength and composure. But some of the people started freaking out and the Spirits made them like babies almost and they could barely even speak and their mouths would just hang open and they were uncoordinated and could not even stand up to walk.

Somehow I survived being in Their presence, I felt more alive and free than I had ever felt before in my life. I looked around at some of the people who were laying there on the dirt trying to stand up and I wanted so much to be able to help them, but something told me to just let them be because they were not meant to move on any further now. At first though I could not stand the idea of just walking away and leaving them in that condition, so I went to one person to try to help them stand up, but when I touched them, it made me feel very weak. So I went on and walked away from them because I knew if I stayed with them I would end up in the same condition that they were in. I could feel something telling me to go be with the others who had also survived the Spirits because that was where I could do the most good. That was where this particular dream ended.

I sincerely thank whoever reads this. Much love and blessings to all.

Re: Dreams Of Mine

Posted: 05 Sep 2015, 16:10
by GrayFire
Dream Of Tall Woman With Cage Around Her Head....This is a sleeping dream that I had back on January 31st of 2012 and recently my mind keeps being drawn back to it.

I was walking on some old country roads out in the middle of nowhere. The roads were not paved, they were gravel roads. There were a lot of these roads and they were long and they intersected every so often, but it took a good while to find an intersection, and when I did, it all looked so similar that it was a battle to even know which roads to take or where I was even supposed to be going. A vehicle was rarely seen either.

There were a lot of big open fields all over with nothing in them. Every now and then I may see a patch of woods on one side, but it had way more open fields than anything. I do not recall seeing any homes or businesses, etc. After a while I began to find it harder and harder to stand upright and walk, then I tried to speak, but my mouth moved so slowly and I could not form the words. I dropped to my stomach and had to just crawl, but it took forever to place one arm in front of the other and pull myself forward even a foot.

My head was heavy and slow, but I could see an image forming above me and around me. It was an image of a room in a dark and gloomy looking house, and not many details of the room itself were clear, only that it was dark and gloomy and that it was a room in a house. Then I saw a woman who was very tall, way too tall to be a real human woman. She had on a long flowing dress, long-sleeved and it came all the way down over her feet. Sometimes the dress looked tannish and sometimes it would turn black. As she moved closer to me, I could see that she had a big rectangle shaped cage around her head with bolts in it. It was odd looking and I could see that even her face itself was very tall and her head was bald and she had a lot of make-up on. She looked creepy to me right at first, but then I could see such sadness and pain coming across her face, and her head started separating from her body and the cage remained around her head as her head separated from her body.

Her head started floating slowly up higher in the air and she had tears running down her face as she met eyes with me and I could feel that she was trying and wanting to communicate something to me, but I could not tell what it was. I struggled to keep holding my head up to keep looking at her as I was still lying on my stomach in the road. I felt such a love for her and wanted so much to help her or comfort her, but I could do nothing. Her head eventually floated so high into the air that it vanished. The image of the room and her body dissolved into nothing. I layed my head down on the road and cried. The light began to fade as evening began. After a while something started falling from the sky and as it got closer I saw that it was the cage that had been around the woman's head. It landed on the road a few feet from me, and that was the end of that dream.

Warm Thanks and Blessings to everyone. :)