35 and the Eyes

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35 and the Eyes

Post by kodytillotson » 18 Sep 2015, 10:19

Hello everyone! I have just discovered some interesting things about the eyes, and want to share the gist of it here really fast. I am sorry if there are some unfamiliar terms, but I will try to clear anything up with answers! here I go!

There are 35 Universal energy element complexes, that were then used by 2 other forces to later create 68 main movements in the formula of mankind's creation. The 68 basic forces of birth released mental energy, can be broken down by the sciences of the elements mathematically into two sets of 34, where the 35 in each one is missing. This is possibly placed there for when or if anything including the Universal complexes of partial urges tried to think about mankind's design in a unique way. It is saying possibly that the 35th, middle polar element, which even though is not Ces, is a balance between all of the destructive and creative elements, is then replaced in each two sets of 34, replaced by 1. The Energy of Love. And 2. Ces, or the energy of the Lucid dream, and how they all exist inside of, but even outside of the formula of mankind's creation, and even possibly on the outside of creation waiting for mankind. This may be a message saying that neither the Universal energy of Love nor the energy of the Lucid dream, are more important than all of the other elements of the Universe at all, or even in mankind's creation. The two sets of 34 that are supposed to be 35, can then be added together to make 68, making 35 at least once, and then when 68 is added onto more, it makes many more 35's later. Lets say we are trying to create a particle that creates more from the least part of itself, balancing opposites. We would need to take the 360 degrees of the full circumference of a sphere or particle, being the part that you create the least from (because the only other two true unique measurements of a particle or sphere are, the surface area inside and out, and also the diameter, the larger dimensions of a sphere, since also in a life giving particle the diameter can radiate infinity outward after going through the center) and make the circumference of the sphere 3 degrees longer than the whole 360 degrees. This is 33 degrees multiplied by 11. The three extra degrees are free moving figures which act as seeds when dealing with a life giving particle, and create the starting points of a whole new sphere or particle, it's diameter, circumference, and surface area. Together these two spheres make a visca pisces, or the shape of the eye. When these two spheres come together, they make two new degrees or points, where the two spheres touch. This makes two 35 original degrees to create life from the smallest measurement of a sphere, through 33 degrees. Now if we take the 11 33 degrees that make up the fist circumference, the smallest measurement for creating new life or a new sphere, and apply it to the new sphere, both of them have 33 smallest degrees, plus one degree in the middle of each one, making two 34's again, then add the two new degrees where the two spheres meet, making two full sets of 35, or where the energy of Ces and the energy of Love want to merge with the very middle polar balanced energy element, or Universal complex of partial urges. The Radius of a sphere is not a true unique measurement, because the flow of movement never moves to the center of a particle or sphere, and stays there. It always flows through the center to the other edge, even if being reflected back at the same time, which would be the diameter. This all may be part of the design of the eyes, and how Anastasia says there is hidden mystical power behind the eyes. This is probably making what is smallest from what is biggest, and then making what is biggest from what is smallest. The design of the whole 68 parts of mankind's formula is reflected in the design of the eyes.

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Re: 35 and the Eyes

Post by GrayFire » 18 Sep 2015, 17:17

:wow: Wow kodytillotson, this is all quite fascinating to me, although I must admit that I would likely have to re-read it several times in order to truly grasp and "get" it all. I intend no offense or anything of that nature whatsoever by stating that. It simply is difficult to fully digest it, so to speak.

I certainly do have some questions however. I am curious where/what source you originally discovered these "revelations" about the eyes from. Is it from a website, tv documentary, article you read, or is it rather more Based on your own personal various gatherings from a wide variety of sources of information and knowledge, which then, after pondering upon all those aspects combined, you were suddenly hit with an epiphany of sorts?

Also, do you watch tv shows/documentaries such as "Ancient Aliens", "Through the Wormhole", "America Unearthed", "Lost Worlds", "How the Universe Works", and related types of programs? I would not be surprised if you do, but if you do not already watch any of these, I would tend to think that they would be programs you would enjoy and be fascinated by. They are a combination of science, history/archeological discoveries, first-hand accounts of experiences and theories from various people, and such.

I have many of my own personal experiences with lucid dreams which I am able to fully control which I would enjoy sharing with you, but as I have limited time at the moment, I will save those for a follow up response. Do you often have lucid dreams?

Well, I have very much enjoyed reading your post and I offer you my sincere gratitude for doing so. Many Blessings and Continual discoveries for you. :shake:
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