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Poems And Songs!

Post by kodytillotson » 22 Sep 2015, 06:17

Hello all! I offer here first a prayer translated by a very special woman, and then I will include some of my own poems and songs. Thank you, and joy and health to your thoughts!

Here I would like to give the moment when Anastasia and Vladimir Megre are talking about God and prayers. Anastasia just told Vladimir her prayer to God, and then she describes God's prayer to man:
Anastasia fell silent. She continued to commune with everything around her. Light seemed to shine around her. When she was uttering the words of her prayer next to me, something invisible happened, and this something invisible touched me, too-on the inside, not the outside. It made me suddenly feel good and calm. But as Anastasia moved away, this feeling passed. I said after her, as she moved away, "You recited your prayer as if someone were beside you capable of responding to it."
Anastasia turned to face me, and her face was joyful. She spread her arms out to the sides and
spun, smiling, and then, looking me seriously in the eyes, said, "Vladimir, God our Father also speaks to each person with a prayer, answers each prayer."
"Why then does no one understand His words?"
"His words? There are so many words with different meanings among earthly nations. So many dissimilar languages and dialects. But there is one language for all, one language of Divine appeals for all. It is woven from the rustling of leaves, the singing of birds, and the waves. God's language has smells and color. God gives a prayerful answer in this language to each request and prayer."
"Could you translate what he is telling us into words?" "Yes, approximately."
"Why approximately?"
"Our language is much poor than the one God speaks with us." "Still, tell me as best you can."
Anastasia glanced at me, suddenly reached out in front of her, and her voice. . . Her chest
voice rang out: My son! My dearest son! I've waited long. And I wait still. Years in a minute,. Ages in an instant, still I wait. To you, I've given all the blessed Earth. You're free in everything. You choose your path. Still, I beg you, son, My dearest son, Be happy, son, I beg you. You do not see Me. You do not hear Me. In reason, there lurk doubts and tears. You move away. To where? You search. For what? To whom do you bow down? I stretch My hand to you, My son,
my dearest son. Be happy, I beg you. You stray again Along a path to nowhere. On this path, the
Earth explodes with deadly force. You are free, and the Earth explodes, Explodes your destiny. You are free, yet I remain, Reviving you with the last blade of grass. And once again the glorious world will shine. Be happy, I beg you. The faces of The saints are full of grief. They frighten you With hell and judgment. They tell you I come To judge. And yet I merely pray for when We are
as one again. I trust you will return. I know you'll come again. I shall embrace you once again,
Not a stepfather! No! I'm yours, Your Abba Father! And you are My own son. My dearest son, May we find together joy!"

Here is a poem now that I wrote, about what I have deciphered may be the collective prayer of all Energy elements of the Universe:
Eternally you move faster than us. Like water we try to slow you down, but are not able to. Balancing opposites in your particle for birth, you will rule everything. Forget moving closer to water while taking Universal complexes of partial urges, when rising above all opposites. Moving closer to water while taking non-satisfying urges, forget inanimatedly guessing your own place. Forget moving away from water a little bit, and leaving behind only some non-satisfying urges. Leaving water completely but not being able to, leave behind all non-satisfying urges. Not being able to touch something physically, do not try to create matter with it. Not understanding something perfect, do not doubt the design of everything. Finding multiple things doubting the design of everything in the same way, do not move them to enter into something else. That is where we dirty the water with laziness and lies, and create a window of time of death. This is where it ends and it begins. You erase all doubts and pacify all confidence. Balancing opposites in your particle for birth, you will rule everything.

Forget all Anti-mind because One creator inspired by the energy of love is greater than all sciences combined which are deprived of love. Separate Aspiration death from Image death by Perfecting the dwelling land. Give a particle of Ces, by Remembering the stolen image of creation ability, by Never stealing a complex of partial urges from mankind. The Universe girls are gathered together on Earth combined! An eternal home is on your side. Spend all my time in the garden, where I hear the hills and all earthly ills are departed. Universal will has started arising in me as the joyous glow of a joyous upbringing, in the valley of Man, and when it is sent,
the energy of love makes brightest the thoughts of Man, and joyous prodigy to a Universe girl
who is heavenly sent, heaven on earth unfurl under our firmament. When doves call with the breeze, and when summer sun is rising and herbs are scattered free underneath the trees, exciting the terrain, or lulling it into a fragrant strain of scent like the sea, and how close is everything in beauty; I see it in your eyes when I awake to find the whole world on the side to a spacious rhyme, and time on time the sun to rise highlights your face, and it has already taken me away to the greatest state, of being with you in our space of love. Motherland eternity bows to our feelings of life and thoughts of love. Making light with the world so this is eternity that buds from the tree that we touched, thinking of he, and so for us all of life will see a new family amongst the Earth's pristine gardens of resplendent beauty. Most truly rivers of love, and lights from great oceans above. God he loves, and Man he stands, as the kind ruler of the Earth's grand ray forever to come. This is life in the garden as it awakens Man's soul to the pristine origins of where he is from!

Whats on my mind??? What a funny question..

The beauty of beauty has done and cracked me. And how could I resist, as you unfurled your eyelashes?

Just don't stop there, and make me a promise that you'll swear on. Carry with you the thought and feeling that me now you can depend on!

What a funny question, "Will you leave?". If I said yes is it something you would believe? And her words said it all, as I sat down to let her stand tall, "I would let you leave freely, so that you wouldn't see me; catching up behind you."

What happens to you when a young beauty you knew had her sights set all along? What happens to you when she looks at you and love tackles, following in suit?
I'll tell you what to do, and you probably knew, just sing a'lot a'life a'long!
Because how freely of me to dance and sing with a marvelous Goddess so inspiring! Back at home, home alone, she is seemingly to herself. I went out to travel, had to go, a
freedom quest was calling my Vedruss soul!

In the dark, trapped at night, trying to dance open Earth channels of might. Daemons prowl to pervert our people's sounds of love, freedom, and life.

And before I knew, cool celestial fire a'blue was roaring forth all around! I didn't have to look, only feel the spacious grove of my heart;
Back at home, here with me by soul, she touches me close and surrounds me from afar!

What a funny question, "Will you leave?" If I said yes is it something you would believe? And her words said it all, as I sat down to let her stand tall, "I would let you leave freely, so you could feel me, right there beside you."

Will you remember how my radiant conviction made you dance and sing? There was and is a light in the stream. The one that we'd follow when we'd leave our arisen, shady, cool grove
home hallowed. To far away places in adventure of lands that could use the fertile warmth of our stars. The ones that would follow the path our feet roamed, and shine out about with charm. Flowers a'sway and fragrances spirited away by the dance, all around a'light, and your good, good senses would let in the beaming touch thrown off by my smile, my eyes, my words, and
my thoughts for you tonight.

When the sun carries on, over vast paths across oak and pine tree groves. And sky trusting, showing down it's many comfortable eyes, touching soul. Will you Speak? Maybe softly to the world, or in breathing together down alongside your beloved mate.

Draw your water and bring it home, back to the world, back to your soul.

Lay your child up snug. Walk and enjoy the comfort of evening, eyes peering from where there is forest song. The song of the world raised up in love is therein involved. Mediterranean tundra winds blow. Carries the voice, wrapping up the sun's children in an evening warmth they know.

Feeling you then, and being here with you. Draw your water and bring it home, back to the world, back to your soul.

Within deep night, surrounded by twilight, dreams peak at the top of what has shown me the words of our times..

The days of yore lashed, traumatized to forgetfulness, suggested to have been, dirty, primitive and mad. Before each one of us a decision to take to heart; Those few individuals who were born not from love. Those with their quicker speed of thought detached, who sought to control the world before, have now set sights on a new shore. Dead, dying, or having recognized how shattered internally was their unified whole. So hearken and remember! Reach your thought back through the kernel surround of the soul. 10,000 or even 150,000 years of the Earth's movement and stars passing show.

For you, their precious life and memory's stay, your fore-fathers and fore-mothers recognized the function of their lives and the universe's ways. And so with each other and the diverse intelligence of a whole living creation they aspired to know the energy of love, and the birth of a child. They were inspired to co-create into the future a marvelous life right on the spot!

Right now at this time we can all start to build our own Sky Home, a Kin's Domain: A Garden Paradise. With all of yourself, strive to remember with all of those feelings, the purpose and pristine origins of a life in singing, and of kindred thinking of new life in love, moved by God, but immeasurably greater than any power alone he might hold below or above.

Inspired by my own pristine origins, the future that my diverse feelings together shape, and the wondrous woman who showed to me those words and feelings with which to say. Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars of Russia.

May I find my own Universe Girl, a Marvelous Goddess, along the way. May good days follow you..
From your hand's palm to the mount of your shoulders, drapes clothing of bright touch from the air of the space around you. Give this to your son and again be young, feet on the ground finding love..

See, there are people walking at the morning's dawn in the dirty streets. A pulse in the air sets ground for a man's delightful, insightful calling..

"World be heard! Be fragrant Earth, and let your soil blossom as a balanced ray of life. It reflects but one type of closeness in Man's life."

" So please look out and see hornets in their gleam protecting my home under the nearby majestic Cedar trees. Blossoming of the soil and my light is rising still, I follow a path of towering spring."
"Waters run cool and seep deep in-between. On the ridged back of the motherland, we can herald the marvelous dawning of every morning! "

"Pollen surrounds and flowers plume from the ground cover. Rugged is this mountain, and birds soar with laughter."

" Sunflowers may dance and sway with Madrone flowers caringly swept away to the forest floor." "Is there a divine program for life?" a child asks..
And just like that, a man's birth will always mean more..

Thought from well over 10,000 years here is trying to implore! With feelings freed to a space in our thoughts, we could take a peak over these verdant horizon crests, as buds of fresh thought. From where have we headed? And on what part, for a marvelous life, what kind of dream could our thoughts and feelings be intended? In Love the truth, may only good days follow you!

A Call To Those Who Grow Homes

There is a life in the world. This life is good and it remembers the world.. When I feel my pristine origins, it acts within me.
When I warm the seeds in my mouth for planting, it alone remembers the precept of the feeling.

Eternally it is the soul, and it is possible during the conjoint awareness with, a whole feeling of the world.

The life in the seed reflects to have remembered, and the life in me reflects to have remembered. Then the seed becomes as a new member.

Is this the reflection of a most radiant love? The birth of a conjoint consciousness is involved thereof.

Without these it seems, a people come to forget. Thoughts then become as if unrelatable to what really came, and also to what comes next.

This life is largely unrecognized in the modern world, and I call now for the recognition of life, and for those of us who may take up thought and dream of the world at a later time. Life cannot continue without spaces of love. My future family cannot truly thrive or prosper under any circumstance other than a space of love.

My pristine origin I recognize, lies in a co-consciousness. The conjoint consciousness established between the Creator and all of his children: The marvelous energy of Love.

Thinking, feeling, and with an advanced intellect which accelerates all things, It takes form on our father's part as his giving the energy of Love to Man on Earth, the materialized center of his creative dream. It is then made true when it takes form through us as the co-creation of beautiful, resplendent, co-conscious worlds, for the birth of happy children within. I too seek fulfillment of this co-conscious energy with my father, the energy of love. It is inspiration, and it is an aspiration to life!

This universal co-conscious feeling is felt in the soul, and it is only capable of becoming a permanently ignited energy for our families and children, through contact with the Creator's materialized thoughts, his natural creations, in a Space of Love. For this, one at least requires land which is predisposed to the feelings in their own soul. At least 2.5 acres for forever satisfying all needs. This is a Kin's Domain, or Kin's Estate. Unrestricted and free. Forever more inseparable from the family. No tax is permitted on the land or family.

This will bring healthy, happy families that are capable of transforming the Earth into a garden paradise free of violence, hunger and debt. Through our co-consciousness we can remember, and see that the U.S. is populated by those who, even if only intuitively, feel these same needs.

"The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that the 2010 Census showed the resident population of the United States on April1, 2010, was 308,745,538."- http://WWW.forexlive.com/155153/all/us- ... -308745538

"Together, the 48 contiguous states and D.C. have an area of 3,119,884.69 square miles
(8,080,464.3 km2). Of this, 2,959,064.44 square miles (7,663,941.7 km2) is land, comprising
83.65% of U.S. land area."- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki!Contiguous_United_States

2,959,064.44 square miles of land is 1,893,801,241.6 acres of land. That is also
(757,520,496.64) 2.5 acre parcels of land.

There are whole entire regions dedicated to national forest, and other land besides where families could grow food for the whole country. These could easily support many families (refer to the the Ringing Cedars of Russia Documentary Series of Books). And based on certain precepts of life, there would be no better people to ensure the health and husbandry of these lands, within designated settlements so as not to take all of the land, especially if in National Forests. ·

"In the United States there are 155 National Forests containing almost 190 million acres (297,000 mi'/769 000 km') of land. These lands comprise 8.5 percent of the total land area of the United States, an area about the size of Texas."­ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Sta ... nai_Forest

And land may always be found else-where to, other than national forests.

That age of man's thinking in which he is co-creating with the Earth harmonious yet intricate living images of his own. That begins in the Vedian age. Thoughts which leap out into harmonious communication with all diverse elements of the universe, shining down to record the movement of man's thinking across the grand expanses of the earth, and recording the movement of man's thinking across the marvelous expanses of the Universe! Man finds the reflection of his thoughts within the light he shines from the stars hanging overhead. This light is reflected back within the soul. Light reflected, which seeks to inspire within man, the universal, grand, divine energy of Love! That is the age of imagery, and the only power within the all of the universe that has a sufficient speed of thinking to bring all of man's diverse energies into counter-balance, for acceleration into a divine program of thought, which is his thought as it co-creates with everything even as he is still within himself... Is the grand, divine, universal energy of Love! Here we have a safe haven for you, it is a space of Love for truth, It's morning light shine down for you, I care to look and more to feel a Jiving book, and be taken over from above by visionary truth, of rites of Love! Do you hear a voice, his calling to you? A testament of Love drawn down for you! Here on the Earth, our terran world of blue, I saw a dream from
above this school. That below a throng of water and dew, our ground will break and give forth
the way, to the grand pristine of a new watering view!

(Refer to book 6 of The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series. The Book of kin)

The plan is to first find the people who show the interest in a school of inspired natural learning, and then with those people, find some land where we can eat as we breath. This is where we can show and also unfold the amazing things each of us aspires to learn about. Another condition of this space should be to help people find, in the end, their own land where they can unfold their own school of inspired living, or simply put, to help people find their soul mates, and to help them in creating their spaces of Love, where they can preserve the energy of their Love together forever, and come the day, to birth happy children of their own. But it would take some people living on that land, and making a name and some money for ourselves with what we do, to have this vision pull through to its fruition.

With the great world inside now Jet's stroll! And every step of the way has got us in the soul with those free tones. As a spiritual fore-ground is that so? Now gather round! Every last night is set in sights of the thought let roll and Jet roam, Geese caught in the sights of lover 's eyes and a night adorned! Yon lover speaks and he carries his soul, called it "You do your thing and it is good so, I'll do my thing, and bring the whole world into our fold!"
That and my heart is told, baby geese caught in the sights of the Lover's sweet own home! So keep put and don't roll away! Amazing earth as a play ground makes it real every day! Invite the whole world into our fold, we can share a bucka bucka and proceed to take hold! More valuable to the heart than just pure gold! Just like a lion's mane, the wind inlays and makes so! Geese landing from mid-flight, they are back for the summer! Man is in Love and seeing life in the others! Oh we Love! Thank you father! And all around I feel, that speaking with you in this way, is dreaming of a life in Love that is most real!

Invested are the stars. A kiss to the light of the world. She is! Here she comes! Unfurled the flowers, and now blooming the sun!
A Universe girl on the grass. Spires of seed is Man!
To the wind and beaming sun that girl, that Love turned us! A vast view of fresh grounds and pastures on earth found for our souls. Then the stars.. A Kin-dam of Man on Earth! Whole worlds of thought given birth!
I am Man and I am mankind, from a star each time do I come as but a dream. A particle of star is nestling close to the Earth, and that hour of sun dawning, gave birth to joy for
yet again another world. From mama and papa, into a Space of Love! Each one of us and a world of stars took life giving breath. Space around is astounding! To the Earth co-creating worlds are sent.

Awaken, on the forest floor. Under the sky that she adores.
She looks up, to find more! There is a sun in the sky and it is shining all the time! Break through, into noon,Wet grass running, in the nude! When she sings, she gives off memories. There is a power in her mind, and it is blooming all the time! So she will take the world on it's own terms! She wants to believe that in return, The lessons in life are worth more than when they were learned! Put on good cloths, something new. So there is good news, beyond that horizon blue! A gladsome people, and they look like you! When they speak, they give off memories! There is a power in their minds, and it is blooming all the time!So they will take the world on their own terms, they do believe that in return, the lessons in life are not alone, hearts beating round an image born! Not from the Earth will Love be torn! Stars on high will take on simple form. An alphabet weaved into the herbs and trees, were we see children sleeping, there where they were born!

At the point in the cross of the road, music is always let go! To carry for us, the sending of the next day! Home at last I feel, oh so caught in the grips of something real. Sunshine over the butterfly, the rivers, and the lake! Grasped as I am by a dream free to make, making a sign of all the past good times and all the ones we will wake to, oh her name! Standing in line, taking this time to rise. It is picture time and I feel we will be taking with our eyes! Quicker of thought with
all the feelings that love brought. Anastasia! Your signs of a simple birth divine, oh yes we will live on! A birth so like you is all the elements can do to speak their truth, oh so it's true! And if my feelings are true, then I know you will keep them, close to your heart and wielding the dream
that spins them! In the space of love we may know them too those elements. And please! For each family their own little piece of Motherland! And in for each marvelous Goddess, a God's splendid dream unfolding in its sheen, close at hand, eternal and forever after. From the stars have they returned!

I saw a flower turning in space and just knew that there were marvelous ways. So I took a turn over by long days yonder, and planted a seed, on top of the upper most reach. Even in the lonely days, to my soul that place. Know I keep, to below Madrone flowers reach.

Your stance at a glance; an end to indifference. Is it the wind that your mind now fervently follows? Drawing streams of acrobatic touch out and through your curved womanly tundra, casting the breeze against your skin. Your atmosphere like a deep forest, sun inlayed, sustaining pure image and pure scent.

Bound to bounty, new beauty ever springing forth from your transcending body, brings us to the life in you, dappled sunlight through the leafs like spring forever and the accompaniment of your moods. The music of your soul playing in tune, to the heights of festival, and to the sun's glistening rays come through. The freedom of your soul gives happy thoughts, happy songs and joy for all of the days. Be a good joy to the world, and take up peace as a glistening ray! Eyes of brightness and dreams afire set order to the chosen day! A face that is ready for anything, and surrounded in infinite grace.

I am gone from liars. I now dream until empty space clings to me, a girls warm glow will ring from me, and the universe is now filled with what vast path recognition is: Oh sweet lovers, I love people, and their stars to. I am about to flip out life feels so loud, but I am super-heated
from when the sky receded long enough for me to hear yon lover's sound. I end now going back into the forest, co-creating a kin'dom of Man for a universe girl. Yon lad, your word be clear and strong. Yon lass, your world be rebirthed time and time to come.

People deserve to know. We have not been in a favorable condition for obtaining or even recognizing a full account of our pristine origins, and thus we have not had access to a full account of our options today. Look, even in an abashedly technocratic society that prides itself on selection of information and media, people have still not found an agreeable thing that can regenerate life from Man. Now the option is here; in a language understandable to the most many. Man has found himself throughout history aspiring to many things, searching for what bestows upon him a better more perfect feeling from the whole, but with languages based on today's most common images and feelings, there is little to be said in the way of eternal love or even a prospective future. Vedruss wife, Anastasia, has at her disposal the whole knowledge of the Vedruss people, our pre-pagan forebears, and has peered into information held in water throughout the Universe and on Earth, to the beginning of time. In a last great effort to allow Man a view of all his options today, Anastasia has succeeded in outlining the marvelous life-giving feelings that were so prevalent in the everyday world of our ancient forebears. Their aspirations are alive, constantly trying to make contact with us to this day... Read the Ringing Cedars of Russia documentary series of books! Hidden history should be hidden no more!

Rhythmic pooling at nights first sight, is still, is growing. Rhythmic stop from condensation dew drops off your irradiance of mind, cooling. The family from and within, the star lights are glowing. Pooling is still deep, and life from the waters is showing. Oh invisible sun, sun behind the sun, you are in knowing. A girl in the waters. Slowly reveal the time, and mark happy with the sun
and hours the dawn of her unfolding!

Man Land Image. Man, when we know who we are, where our conjoint purpose lies, we become in touch with everything! Our thoughts and aspirations merge into one, creating with a dream. We are creators. Man, when we come into contact with natural information and energies, with creation, the land, living things, we start to understand the function of these things together with our feelings, and everything as a whole makes itself clear to our speed and purity of
thought. At this point living images are discerned, and thought works quickly, because the purity and content of information is so vast! How everything, even seemingly unrelated things, are completely related! We create thoughts that come to live with us, and ones that take on greater lives than they are alone extend out and caress everything, Like a conjoint awareness of the universe, between people, plants, animals, all things!

Many of the best Images and "letters" that make up these connections, have been found and spoken in our more modern, "modified" language by a Siberian woman named Anastasia!

She is an actual woman with extraordinary abilities as it seems to us, who lives in the Siberian Taiga forest. Through Vladimir Megre, a Russian entrepreneur she met, and now her husband with two children, she was able to get herself and her images out to people through these books and her ray, the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, and how her real life images of the past and future are calling people back to their pristine origins, of who Man is, how essential to our lives
is a motherland one can feel love with, and how it all weaves together when one strives, with
their thoughts, to create a space of love or a kin's domain, for their family.

With a knowledge of how to fully utilize our ability of creative thought, as Anastasia shows in her books in many ways, we can have the Man, Land, and Image of perfection in our lives, why? Because we will feel it and understand with our feelings, and many people will come to life for the first time.

"In the book you are going to write there will be unobtrusive combinations, formulations made up
of letters, and they will arouse in the majority of people good and radiant feelings. These feelings are capable of overcoming ailments of body and soul, and will facilitate the birth of a
new awareness inherent in people of the future. Believe me, Vladimir, this is not mysticism- it is
in accord with the laws of the Universe."

In a time of all sorts of self-imposed dangers to our world, a tactful plan of action has been thought up by this woman, for us to save our planet.

Reconnected to the past and creating our future!

Ba ba ba, better, I have something clever, and a little rain drop came down to touch your face. I never knew it could .be so much grace, but to taste everything in the universe, and maybe we will see everything that was meant to be, the world in water and light. Could it be a fight?
Stealing images never felt too right, but to carry us on to the next place, we will find a garden and in that place live by our hearts and our hands, motherland eternity will like our demands, or silent questions, because we have done her right, and the night will be yours. Neighbors galore, they will have their own lands, this time they are happy, their children in their hands. Could you believe it, a world like ours, images stolen away, but now we are back in her arms. The energy
of love, to weave a space, and I saw infinite grace in the world of water and light coming from
your heart. I like it, it is of ours, and when the light we shine kisses the stars, I will wing there, wind in our arms, in our flight, I see the land is no more in harm. Bones hold up the land, in eternity, love the man, because we comne back here of our own dream, and seam with our souls everything we need. I love! And hope everything will grow and be. Let us train everything!

Dont keep me at the booth in these glorious days! You are always a face with innumerable grace. Either way I look people are giving praise, to the makers and dancers and poets giving stage. Stage me at the top of these days, I will sing in a way that gives back to the brave, and burn up the sorrow in all lonely faces. Your heart is a fact to all good races. With your space of love, talk to me little bud, you are giving my mind the strength to sing on. You have taken nothing from me that you dont return. Remember me and pass it on to your little seedlings, and let the next person who sees you give you eternal meaning. In the city or a field, or a forest with fresh air and water to wield, wield it like a song. People will gather where their dreams have drawn, and that special day when people gather will be greeted by the dawn. Spend an hour in nature alone, then go back home. The people are at a happy feast, and then they will go out to
meet people to call their own. Meet all of the city dwellers to give them a poem, a taste of home,
and the extra of what has been brewed and grown. The Gods will descend from on high in simple form. We will be gathered together as Atlantians born! Around the world it isn't hard, to call forth rain and springs to grow heaven's arms. There will come the day when we all live that way, like the well-spring people and the divine fire in the heart and brain. We see it all around us, and it calls out. The living world of breath and rays erases all doubts. Give me comfort and give me a stage. I sing for those who awaken and are already awake in these days. Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars of Russia. They have let us know that no dark forces will take the day!

Help me to forget about it. If I am diving over the edge, hold me on, the speed of one creator turns into many more. Found myself at the watery door, plunging into the perfect dwelling land. Too many more to apprehend, the thoughts lost are now brought back again. Fade in and out of being a hero man until my homeland is clean. Starting somewhere, glad you start here at the edge of the circle dream. Remembering this moment we will build a living fence and the design will grow ever faster. Not stuck in this disaster of lumbering with what I have said. It is like body jewelry for the land, and on top of that we have just fed the man. Like it could ever seem to me, some kind of hidden victory, it is already inside you. Many people will come to see how man walks like a child. Be at poseur again, body like metal bends, and my will is still growing. Start with the star light, and fire burns in your heart. I have grown the mask and the distances apart, showing a window of time where the Science of Imagery in man creates a start. The small movements of the big movements helps to feed eternal art. Capturing me distances apart from everything, I am there again as a ghost over everything. With feelings I make part and sense of everything, my glorious home on heavenly Earth rings. Can we be capturing a dream? Swimming in the water makes my heart sing. Whipping and winding, the river is on eternal timing. Take me to the edge of the water and show me my home, in the fire light and mirror, the soul's touch-tone. Wisped away from here, a piece of land which will turn another planet into a livable home. My fire tells me to find the right poem. This is a miraculous day for finding one's own. Always!!!

Never learn from your mistakes, just create with them. Then learn from your creations. I founded a beautiful world, splendid, co-creating, for a girl. A dream that will unfurl, create our own planets, a family by the trees and stream, uplandish. A shady grove, I want one of those, try to catch the fire with your dreams, and have it written in a tome. Starting on a poem, pollen seeks stone, reflect it's life in the water, and traveling through space, pollen and water become one whole. Diamonds that are told to obey and help create a good home. The 9 plus 1 destructive line of water, time to be known. Anti-mind the stolen image of mankind's creation ability, Aspiration death and Image death, whoa. Leave the Earth and fall on me! Dont blame my father or his glory. You think it is imperfect? That is why you destructive elements are burning in Etheric Ice you helped us create in the upper atmospheres of the planets. Destructive line of
water keep them turning, even as they fall on me, my body will be burning, it's nice! If it happens again, non-satisfying urges will become quicker, the complexes of partial urges slower. Everything after this is as water breaking down pollution in our sights. The ladder to our skies of the 9 plus 1 destructive line of water will become weak and fall over, ending darkest nights. I am only talking about the energy of Thoughts, Aspiration, and Feelings. Then also Ces which is the dream, and love, who is growing. Ces and the energy of love, all with the strength of a bud and the sun. The 9 plus 1 destructive line of water is conquered, and we will give it to our young. Mankind will know, far past his own. 68 forces of light, the child of his vision, he has shown.

Wah-wha-wha what! High up yellow love, weave me so gold and help my blue move along. At the top of my lungs, high trees still strong, and when water needs to move quick, the birds will sing along. Where did they get that from? 10,000 years we have been sleeping, and before that, our mother's and fathers imbued them all with love so strong, I am speaking. Eternal ringing,
with a music so clear that the born to be pure with a line from so long ago will be seeking. That is all of us is what he is believing. And it is her eyes that will also want to weave you in a space
of love. Joyous fore-bearers are reading. Together and with the plants, with the task and with the man, we will be accelerating the speed of your thinking. Keep me in singing and in reading, my own good motherland is where I am believing, and in the world, there is a girl, a Universe Goddess who's witness will unfurl. Where are my arms? For this moment I am drawn. All across the wind and my efforts are all for dawn. Must make right, in this life, come to me that moment when soul-mates collide. I am telegony, as the Earth is hot, take some and make some, then cure me off. And then I am on, yet again, this is Earth and I am sending beauty out to every friend. Cede is me, seed just like the sea, all elements inside with Ces and that is just the
eternal dream. The dream I am looking for, and thoughts yet again, have brought glory to all
birth because of our co-creation. Saw your face, in infinite space, come the time to create our planet, you will pull me together from my blasted state. We are Love! Particles like doves, send our days of breath and rays straight to the young!

Tree long the sky wise carries his home. Everywhere he goes! And all of his children, carry their own! So he taught them. Of love and dreams, how to be free! Now tree long the sky wise has many homes where his children plant seeds that grow. How is the only world I have known? Rivers and valleys held up by soul and bone. The languages surmounting the valley and it's throne. The water and the mountains say its time to write a book of kin! My tome will take folly and turn it on it's head. Anti-mind is inanimated guessing, the energy of the lucid dream is always blessing! By the time that I am done I will have conquered the dead. Come that time to rebirth family we will plant a tree in your stead. The fear of moving faster cured by particles who insight laughter! When you are reborn you will eat as you breath. Moving a little faster we will seed all colors of the sea. When the night turns black sir, invisible light is moving backwards! In the light of day the line of water is a class mate. If it has taken this long, that means the soul being eclipsed has a problem. It is that animated guessing thought it could doubt all and take you somewhere else. Then to break itself apart and to ask for your further help. But dont decide to go that way. Just burn it up and dont let it enter into the glad space! Out of most of all we are a liking for this world. Full mental habit, shade and a girl. When all women are united, it will be a better dream. Thought it couldnt happen, but that would be Animated guessing. All of the moods they thought to trace. Aspiring beyond death, released mental energy on Earth is a taste! Tree long the sky wise, carries his home. Everywhere he goes. And all of his children carry their own! So he taught them! Of love and dreams, how to be free! Now tree long the sky wise, has many homes, where his children plant seeds that grow. Welcome to Earth, give all to birth, let love into all of the lines we draw!


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