The Common Quest

This Forum is dedicated to the Druidic search for the underlying meaning of life, the unifying nature of our common humanity, and our interconnectedness in the search for truth.
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The Common Quest

Post by Kernos » 09 Nov 2004, 04:55

Greetings All....

Many thanks to all who asked that we continue to search for the quest of our common humanity. The moderators for this forum are Lady Nimue, and katsu.

This forum is especially about the exploration of the underlying commonalities of the human condition, the similarities between faith systems and philosophies, and the Druidic search for all that unifies rather than divides.

The term "Common Quest" does not mean that ultimately there is one faith system, or one lowest common denominator. It means that we are all trying to do the same thing: find the meaning of our existance, in this common humanity that we share.

One rule for discussions here: Honor One Another.

Looking forward to some good conversation, and if you should need to contact either moderator, please do.

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