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Links of Interest: Creating a Language

Posted: 27 Mar 2009, 01:13
by Unna
I have looked at dozens of sites. This is the best, hands down:

Links of Interest: Self-Editing

Posted: 27 Mar 2009, 11:22
by Unna
These are two sites I've found helpful. They can sort of give you a way to step outside your own head and read your work with a different eye.

Scroll down until you see "Self Editing Tip Sheet" and click on that.
N.B. this is a children's writers' site, but the editing tips, while apparently simple, are good.

This is a romance writers' site, but the information can apply to all fiction writing. It is very well done, amounting to a workshop on in-depth editing.

Links at other site

Posted: 31 Mar 2009, 00:28
by Corvin
Should i go to the other site and get the other links posted? If someone else wants to OK by me...

Re: Links of Interest for Writers

Posted: 12 May 2009, 12:51
by Melhael

This is the web space to visit if you've always thought you should write a book but have always postponed. (You have time to prepare of course, it only starts in November... ;))

Going Pro - Amongst OBOD

Posted: 18 Dec 2010, 15:48
by MiriamSPia
Thanks Corvin and the woman in Exile and the Duellist for their posts from a year or two ago.

My question is this: Can we get a table going for the professional writers/authors. In this case, for anyone who actually has made money writing and perhaps we could also include those who really intend to go pro even if they haven't been paid yet.

I write professionally but hope to advance to the next level - where i really earn a whole middle class living from writing and where I get a byline. I have seen at least two other books here recently, including one on ogham and one by a woman - I'm a little confused about where I found her on the forum but I did - I think her's is a druidic fiction novel...So, I know its not just me.

Even so: if all the pros would come out of the woodwork and convene here it might be helpful.

Thanks everyone who says yes sooner or later, or who maybe already did.

Re: Links of Interest for Writers

Posted: 05 Apr 2017, 17:48
by Paladorys
I am currently publishing my writing on this site: (this is not a link to my work)

Probably not the best if your goal is a payday, but probably quite good if you just want to throw your things at a wall and see if anyone wants to read them.