Northwest Druidry - A Voluntary Network

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Northwest Druidry - A Voluntary Network

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In addition to establishing a new seed group in the mid and south Willamette Valley in Oregon, we are also working more broadly to create a new volunteer-based set of Web-based resources for people interested in Celtic Culture, Celtic Spirituality, and Druidry in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, and Alberta). That's right, US and Canada. Northwest Druidry is already a facebook group with its own discussion board area. We also have nwdruidry on Next month we shall expand onto myspace. Anyone with information about the areas of interest and activities in the region is encouraged to post information.

This is an independent, unafilliated, and entirely volunteer network. For more information see our facebook group, Northwest Druidry, check the boards here, and please contact me at:

Yours in the Grove,
Gwalchdistow Cambria
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