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Eternity in one night

Posted: 23 Dec 2013, 07:33
by Chenzen
The l pitter patter of the rain bounced of the windshield of his car.
Weather like this is summer was something to be grateful for, however not
on this night. Not on any night. Simply because it was night, not many know
of him. When people slumber, he is awake; alone in his thoughts. His
memories only recall being alone. It's how he lives. When people are awake
he is no where to be found as if only a dream. Only one question ever comes
to him in the moments of solitude. "When will it end?"

The sounds of a distant past haunted him, the unending sorrow of an unfulfilled life threatened him. He could not escape, his mind could only take away so much of the pain. He looked towards earthly delights to take away the rest but there was always one thing that took away all of it and made him feel alive again. Her. She. Woman. On the surface she was plain as a soft river in winter. But somehow is exterior was immediately broken. All things seemed right. Even his mind functioned accordingly at the same time it was lost in the bliss that she exhumed from her. But he knew she wasn't interested. He was invisible as if he were part of the wall itself and blended into the masses. His mind thought centuries beyond the mere scope of humanity and yet he could do nothing with her. His mind went blank at the shear thought of ending the solitude that had he endured everyday. He was comfortable in his world yet with her words it was shattered as if she were a bat and he a window. But how to approach her. His mind thought around angles, corners, every barrier conceivable To man

An after thought, a thought after a thought. The ending in a chain of thoughts, none beginning with him only ending with his face and name. He sometimes relished in this, other times he wanted to be a single thought on someone's mind. He wanted to be on her mind just even for a second a millisecond. To conquest her mind as if he were climbing the highest peak. He wanted to be inside her, not in a sexual way but in a spiritual way. He couldn't understand where such feelings came from all he ever followed was logic and within logic came reasoning. A sound principal came from sound, solid logic. Was logic now being questioned? Was that what made her so intoxicating?

Alone. Sanctuary. The two words have no shared meaning but in the convoluted mind of a wanderer they share everything. His very existence stemmed on the shadows of everywhere as if he were an assassin trains in the deadly arts of murder. No! Her! She was the better in a duel to the death he would be the loser and her the victor her sword of light shines brightly and his a dull knife in comparison. He couldn't fight it. He wouldn't fight it. It has guided his soul from his inception into the world of bleak terror and short blisses. He could count on one hand the number of people he has allowed into his soul, the events took years; but she opened it and freely found a way to look in and not cause harm. The very thought of this made him shudder with absolute, supreme joy. It was the calling he needed . A plan, every event is proceeded by a plan of action. In extreme cases a plan that shook the very foundation of the subconscious as if it were Pompeii and he the volcano would erupt. He took to pieces of paper and beginning writing what could be the endin to his sorrow or the absolute loneliness that would continue. An outcome would be assured in every aspect of life but for once, he wanted a happy ending.

The plan. A plan. Any plan. It was a word often used in warfare but he wanted happiness. It was clinging to his heart. He could see better, as if he were blind and she had given him the glasses that finally allowed him to see his follies. His bitter soul rejected every idea claiming that he was not worthy but the heart! Oh the heart! It allowed all things to become feasible. His mind bent easily to the will of it. His soul grasped onto the silence and decrepit pit. He fought bravely against the will of the soul and listened deeply to every other sense that told him that he was filled with the strength to finally break free of the cycle and bring an end to his suffering. He was ready, his heart was ready his mind was ready his body was ready to finally feel warmth. The warmth of another human being clutching him as if he weren't real or a ghost that was sent to confuse and deceive people. His mind was clear, the fog of war lifted and the senses were no longer muddied with resentment and hatred. No matter what happened upon this day, whether his plan failed or succeeded he may have set motion a course that which he can never break from. His feet guided him to the location, his hands settled on the cold steel of the doors and he pushed them forward as if the heavens themselves where guiding his hands. He was ready, the plan foolproof.

this was a 5 part series so if it doesnt make sense sorry lol. just treat it as a miniseries.

Re: Eternity in one night

Posted: 23 Dec 2013, 17:00
by Aphritha
Will you be posting the rest?

Re: Eternity in one night

Posted: 24 Dec 2013, 05:50
by Chenzen
yes once its finished