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Postby nerithedeerfairy » 28 Jun 2011, 05:36


Ferngully, very deep movie, a sacred movie with a deep lesson, we all have magic within us, we all play a part in the preserving and flourishing of nature, we are all like puzzle pieces!

not just for kids, its just amazing check it out while its in season! if you like...
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Re: Ferngully!

Postby Huathe » 28 Jun 2011, 15:53

I have seen Ferngully and also really liked it. They also came out with a ferngully 2 but I have not seen that one.
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Re: Ferngully!

Postby Morganna » 08 Jul 2011, 18:14

I watched it as a kid and loved it. I used it as proof that I was right about nature and faeries and everyone else was wrong. I now have it on dvd along with Ferngully 2. But you can't beat the original. I have it to teach my children one day too. A beautiful and accurate film I feel. :old:

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Re: Ferngully!

Postby craigen » 16 Jul 2012, 12:07

or its modern equivalent avatar!

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