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Posted: 09 Oct 2004, 01:47
by Kaya-Nita
It is not just the Druid way but should be the human way, we are all from different walks of life rangeing in from religion to heritage. The human way is careing for each person with compassion in our hearts and Spirits.
We have a common thread here we are part of this human race. If we look out for one and other than no one will slip through the cracks so to speak, all we need to do besides pray is walk with open hearts and minds to those things we find different about others.

Do you know we are only 5 people away from knowing the WHOLE LIVING HUMAN RACE???? there is something to make you go HMMM???

This was a study done on the History Channel last year. Through most of our family and friends we know so many now all over the world and my friends if you look at it is a cool place to be. But we must take care of eachother and Mother Earth too. All things have a living Spirit and a little comapssion will carry you a long ways.

Also remeber what we learned as kids "The golden rule" "Treat people even strangers as you wish to be treated. "

"What you put out is what comes back to you 3 fold" and the more negative 10 fold.

Each day give a little of your self to those who are in need and even to those who aren't for one day you too may be in need. Prayer is one way to give of your self and Hey guys it's FREE. Something everybodies pocket book can handle. The only thing it may cost is a little time and effort and i don't think that is too much to ask anyone. :candle: :brnbear: :awen:

Posted: 11 Nov 2004, 07:07
by Branbeith
The unrest on this plane is being felt in the Otherworld. My guides have been restless and my totem has not been his usual playful self. Something is up. Even Nature is lashing out - look at the huricanes, and the ring of fire is becoming active. Stress is everywhere. People, as a rule, are the most unhappy that I have seen in a long time.

This uneasiness is just not affecting humanity.
May there be Peace in the north, south east, and west
Peace to man and woman
Peace to nature
Peace to the universe
Peace to the Otherworld
Peace to the Divine

peace to all who need it
:candle: :candle: :candle:

Posted: 14 Nov 2004, 01:14
by Torc
:candle: :terra: :zen:

Posted: 17 Nov 2004, 13:31
by Saille-Panthera
:candle: :hug: :candle:

Posted: 31 Jul 2005, 02:55
by Wolfwalker
A good friend of mine and his wife are having marital difficulties. Her father suffered a long time through illness before he died when she was in her late teens-early twenties before he crossed over. My friend has been very ill for a long time but is finally beginning to heal physically slowly, but emotionally at a faster rate. Thing is, it has reawakened her feeling from the years of watching her father's slow death and she fears losing her husband over a long drawn-out sickness too. I have talked to her also after she asked me my thoughts and feelings about life and death, and when life should be prolonged, which I answered with, "as long as the person wants to hold on and stay in this world,... Until they are ready to let go and cross over." She accepted that, but is still unable to let go of her old fears. I think she has already decided to end their marriage, even though he is healing, just because of lingering darkness in her feelings, pain from the loss of her father from multiple cancers.
I ask your prayers for them both, that if this is what she decides to force upon them both that they are both able to find closure and healing. He is accepting that her feelings very likely will not change or be changed, and that he may find himself moving out into a place of his own on his own before the cold seasons come. His biggest concern is their child and how his mother's expressing her fears so much infront of their 8 year old might affect the child's own inner self. He's afraid she's going to pass along her morbid fear of possibly losing daddy to death will cause their child fearfulness and add another link to a chain of distorted inner vision. Pray she will see that she's passing her own fears along to their 8 year old before too much damage is done, which is a needed part of closure for her I think, whether she stays in the marriage or continues to press for an end to the marriage.
/|\, Peter

Posted: 31 Jul 2005, 03:02
by Kat Lady
May she find peace in her decisions.

Posted: 31 Jul 2005, 11:31
by Flora
Love, light and strength for the three of them.

:oakfall: Flora

Posted: 31 Jul 2005, 19:03
by Dryadia2
My thoughts and prayers go to your friends' family. :candle:

Peace and Blessings,
:dryadia: /|\

Posted: 31 Jul 2005, 20:51
by Seeker
Much peace and courage to your friend and family... :candle:

Posted: 30 Sep 2005, 09:42
by Flying Swan
My prayers join with yours for the three souls, your friends, Wolfwalker. :candle: :candle: :candle:
My prayers are also for others experiencing the same dilemmas.
Also my heartfelt thanks to all, for your expressions of caring and love for people you don't know, which moved me to tears this morning when I also was feeling fragile. :cry: I have really taken strengh from this thread :acornantlers: .
Doesn't that just show how strong all our prayers are when they are sent out for peace, sent in the direction of the elements (see Carragh's postings on weather folk), and sent out into the universe in general.
Blessings, Blessings all of you :hug: :hug: :hug:

Posted: 29 Dec 2005, 14:20
by Petrichor
We all exist in the great Ocean of life - our Pain our Love our Grief our Joy - all somehow shared .

I feel a great sorrow for the rift that Wolfwalker speaks of ................

& I applaud the energy he spends in helping to heal the wound .

Count me in folks - I'm proud to be a part of you all .

May Love shine through .


Posted: 02 Jun 2006, 12:13
by Tynan Elder Oak
Oaks circle meet tonight  Friday's    we will also lift up and shine the light for those that are in fear, pain suffering in any way.

I may not be able to take away your pain, but I can be your sister/brother and share your burden with you,  Lets us all journey together in this way and make it a journey worth taking.  Blessings in the light and peace always.