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Post by Wolfwalker » 11 Oct 2004, 16:17

All persons posting to this board are asked to take note!!

This is an open forum room, but one that is open to all members of OBOD as well as the general public who have access to a computer. These can include troublemakers, emotionally ill folks and underaged persons (ie as in druidry 13 is considered the base age for membership, we have to consider pre-teen as non member age), general "lurkers," etc. Given the nature of past misunderstandings we ask you not post specific rituals or rites to open forum other than in general outline form. If you feel it necessary to share these things use the pm service or email please or post it via one of the closed forum rooms.
Also know who it is you're communicating with [ie general location, whether they are obod or non-OBOD, regular poster, etc or what group(s) they are part of. We want to leave this area open to members and posters in general, rather than having to close the forum for 'approved' persons only.
This is especially true for those of us working grades in OBOD or walking a "red road" walk. Sharing rituals and specific information to outsiders may violate your groups or tribes privacy protocol. We come together here to share in an atmosphere of peaceful safe gathering. Respect how fragile a thing that may be at times please.
Moderators or the site administrator may edit or remove any inflamatory or inappropritae materiel at their discretion, lock a topic, remove postings or entire threads or lock the forum room if abuses take place. This is obviously something we do not want to be put in the position to have to do. Your cooperation is appreciated.
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