Action Alerts Auto Prune - Please Read

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Action Alerts Auto Prune - Please Read

Postby Jingle » 30 Jun 2008, 19:46

Because of the nature of the timeliness for activism for many Action Alerts, many petitions become out of date rather quickly. We have instituted a 120 day Auto-Prune, which means that any item that has not been responded to in 120 days, will automatically be deleted.

If your issue is ongoing or will last longer than 120 days for the petition, there are two ways to keep it from being deleted.

1) Respond to it with a "bump" post that gives another 120 days before it's up for deletion or
2) Ask a moderator of this forum to make it a "sticky".

If an issue has been resolved, or the petition deadline has ended, please post with the results.
If an issue that was a "sticky" has been resolved and is no longer needed, please notify a moderator of this forum to unstick it.

Thank you.
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